Barry Callebaut says it has launched “the second generation of chocolate” by reducing sugar and focusing on the natural flavors of cocoa.

The Swiss manufacturer has introduced two products developed under the Cocoa Cultivation & Craft principle (CCC), which aims to recognize the special qualities of each cocoa bean and coax out the nuances of flavor during the cultivation, fermentation and roasting processes.

With initial efforts dating back to early 2000, Barry Callebaut gained new insight from a long-term research program in collaboration with the Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. Advanced detection technologies, combined with new sensory methods, enable the identification of unique characteristics in the cocoa beans.

Barry Callebaut’s new dark chocolate is made with two ingredients: cocoa, to which only sugar is added. Milk chocolate is made of cocoa, milk and sugar. The company says the new product contains 50 percent less sugar than more than 80 percent of the chocolate consumed across the world.

Barry Callebaut says it aims to inspire and support brands and artisans in defining the next generation of confectionery, bakery, pastry, desserts and ice cream.

“The second generation of chocolate addresses perfectly the changing consumer preferences and consumers’ desire to indulge more mindfully,” said Peter Boone, CEO of Barry Callebaut Group. “It will inspire and support brands and artisans to craft their next-generation chocolate creations and is testament to our leadership in shaping the future of chocolate indulgence.”

Barry Callebaut says the chocolate produced according to the CCC principle has been validated through a quantitative consumer concept and product test by independent global research agency MMR Research Worldwide3 in the U.S., the UK and China.

Since 2017, Barry Callebaut has accelerated its innovation effort with the introduction of Ruby chocolate, WholeFruit chocolate and the first nutraceutical fruit drink, Elix.