Mars, Incorporated has joined the G7 Business for Inclusive Growth Coalition, composed of international companies committed to advancing human rights throughout their value chains, building inclusive workplaces and strengthening inclusion in their internal and external business ecosystems.

For Mars, joining this group is an extension of the ambitions set out in its Sustainable in a Generation Plan and the company’s commitment to a healthy planet, thriving people and nourishing wellbeing.

The G7 B4IG coalition is coordinated by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Its 34 members cover a broad range of sectors, employ more than 3.5 million people around the world and have combined annual revenues of over $1 trillion.

The B4IG coalition’s strategy rests on three pillars: 

  • A business pledge against inequalities to advance human rights, workplace inclusion and diversity and value chain inclusiveness;
  • An incubator to design or expand new inclusive business models, piloting social innovation and private-public collaboration at the micro-economic level; and
  • An inclusive growth financing forum to promote innovative financing mechanism between business, governments and philanthropic actors.

Coalition member companies have put forward more than 50 projects representing more than $1 billion in investments for the B4IG incubator program — with the ambition of sharing and scaling up through collaboration. Mars has put forward multiple projects, including its Cocoa & Women for Change program, which is part of the broader Mars Cocoa for Generations strategy – a long-term approach to enhancing responsible and sustainable practices in the Mars cocoa supply chain globally.

“Mutuality, one of the core principles at Mars, is about creating enduring benefits which are shared,” Mars CEO Grant F. Reid said. “It isn’t about philanthropy, but rather an understanding that a business can only be successful if it also enables all of its partners, community and the environment to thrive. That’s why we’re joining the B4IG effort to help create a more inclusive economy which enables greater opportunity for all.

“We want to demonstrate the power of leadership and collaboration – so much more is possible if we work together. Delivering on our ambitions won’t be easy. But, powered by this kind of cross-sector collaboration, we are optimistic that we can build a movement to create a tomorrow we are all proud of.”

“Growing inequality is one of the biggest social challenges in the world today,” said Gabriela Ramos, OECD chief of staff and G7 Sherpa. “It is perpetuating poverty, undermining social cohesion and trust. Sustainable economic growth means inclusive economic growth. It means giving every individual the opportunity to fulfil her or his potential, the chance not only to contribute to a nation’s growth but to benefit from it, regardless of their background or origins. The OECD welcomes this initiative by France to involve some of the world’s most important companies to work hand-in-hand with governments and the OECD to tackle inequalities. For our part, we will continue to lead the way in its policy analysis, research and expertise.”