The jointly held PACK EXPO/PROCESS EXPO shows being held in Las Vegas, Oct. 5-7, provide confectionery attendees with winning options for processing and packaging solutions that double-down cost savings. The following provides readers an overview of those options from suppliers at this and previous PACK EXPO/PROCESS EXPO shows.


Aasted-Mikroverk will exhibit two machines from the company’s newAMC SuperNova range, which covers anything from straight heat exchanging of any pumpable mass to highly precise creation of Beta V crystals in high-quality chocolate mass, outputs ranging from 50 kg/h up to 12,000 kg/h.

One of theAMC SuperNova’son display will be a 550 CTS version, which features a built-in compact tempering system for recirculation of excess mass. It’s ideal for use with an enrobing line or for performing quick and easy in-line production shifts.

The otherAMC SuperNovapresent in the booth is the 50 CTS version, which is perfect for small-scale production and for use in test centers.

Representatives will be on hand at the show to discuss the company’s full line of chocolate moulding and/or bakery equipment.

Bygmarken 7-17
3520 Farum
Tel.: +45 44 34 80 00
Fax: +45 44 34 80 80

North American Representative:
Aasted-Mikroverk Ltd. Canada
Tel.: +1 905-671-3200
Fax: +1 905-671-2549

Visit us at booth S-6519A

Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH

Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH (KPH) will once again exhibit at this year’s PACK EXPO/PROCESS EXPO. Accompanied by its U.S. agent, Russell Crosio (Crosio & Associates, Inc.), KHP will welcome customers, specialists and all interested visitors to its information booth (S-6333).

Experienced staff will inform confectioners about the latest processing solutions and innovations, including its newSucroliner (pictured) hard candy line designed for medical candies; theUnibatch universal cooker with high reproduction of single batches and cooling in double jacket; and the HFDIII fondant beating machine, which can handle production of high quality fondant up to 2,000 kg/h.

Klöckner Hänsel Processing GmbH
Lister Damm 19
D-30163 Hannover, Germany
Tel. +49-51-16-2670
Fax: +49-51-16-267333

U.S. Agency:
Russell Crosio
Crosio & Associates, Inc.
3165 Sable Ridge Drive
Buford, GA 30519
Tel.: +1 404-610-3335
Fax: +1 678-623-3826

Visit us at booth S-6333


TheMiniconbar, launched at interpack 2008, will be exhibited on North American soil for the first time at the Pack Expo/Process Expo shows in Las Vegas. This smallConbar line has been especially developed for small capacities of 100 to 200 kg/hour, to produce either cereal or candy bar products. When developing this new machine, special attention was given to sophisticated process engineering aiming at an optimized price-performance ratio. The machine is suitable for a slab width of approx. 250 mm. It may be used for smaller production ranges as well as for laboratory use.

TheConbar is the market leader in bar forming equipment, and a completeMiniConbar will be on display at the show, including the WEB former, compression drum and cooling tunnel as well as the slitter, spreading and cutting module.

Also on display from Sollich will be theSollcotop, which is designed to partially enrobe cookies, doughnuts, pastries, muffins and almost any baked product with a calibrated layer of chocolate, frosting or icing. 

What makes this system particularly innovative is that the partial enrober operates without using a wire belt conveying system. The design uses similar drum formers to those used in the well-proven SollichConbar bar forming system to layer the coating over baked goods in a precise manner.

Sollich KG
Siemensstrasse 17-23,Postfach 16 29
Bad Salzuflen, D-32102
Tel: +49 5222-950-148
Fax: +49 5222-950-300

Representing Sollich KG, Chocotech GmbH, Dumoulin and Knobel:
Sollich North America
4916 Londonberry Drive
Tampa, FL  33647
Tel.:  +1 813-345-4710; Fax: +1 813-200-1065

Visit us at booth S-6416


At the PACK EXPO/PROCESS EXPO shows, A.E. Nielsen, which will be represented by American Chocolate Mould Co., will feature theTempa 420 tempering machine at its booth. It features a built-in level control to regulate the supply of fresh chocolate from a storage tank.

The water-jacketed chocolate tank is an electrically heated, closed system requiring no external water and with a maximum capacity of 35 kg. The thermostatically controlled cooling unit ensures effective tempering between 28° and 29° C. A specially designed stirrer and spiral profile scraper keep the chocolate mass in constant movement, while a gear pump ensures continuous throughput. 

A vane pump provides a constant supply of stable viscosity chocolate to the enrober where it is cooled to between 30° and 31° C. Excess chocolate returns to the chocolate tank for recirculation.

Whenever the unit is in stand-by mode during a break in production, theTempa 420 maintains a constant temperature inside the chocolate tank to ensure immediate readiness.

TheTempa 200 tempering unit is also available as a mobile, stand-alone option requiring only a power connection and chocolate feed. It is a compact, ready-to-use unit, which can easily be connected to smaller enrobing lines, a small chocolate moulding line or a chocolate decorator.

A.E. Nielsen Maskinfabrik ApS
Hirsemarken 2-8
DK-3520 Farum
Phone: +45 4434 2000
Fax: +45 4434 2020

North American representative:
American Chocolate Mould Co.
Ray Cote, president
1401 Church Street, Unit 5
Bohemia, NY  11716
Tel.: +1 631-589-5080
Fax: +1 516-908-3660

Visit us at booth S-6519


Chocotech will disolay theSucrofilm withSucromaster, which consists of theSucrofilm, dynamic thin film cooker with integrated vacuum/flash-off chamber and caramelizer, complete with a cooked mass extraction screw. The system comes complete with a dynamic mixer and a metering system for adding colors, flavors and acid.

TheSucromaster vacuum and extraction system was originally designed for sugar-based and sugar-free hard candy. Based on innovative modifications, the system also can handle heat-sensitive products, which need to be cooked at low temperatures while applying high vacuum as in real fruit snacks. It also is ideal for soft and hard caramels, and the design allows for a wide color spectrum from light to dark caramel.

The GMP-designed system is skid-mounted on a tubular frame designed for hygiene, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Chocotech GmbH
Martin McDermott, sales and marketing director
Dornbergsweg 32
Wernigerode, D-38855
Tel: +49 (3943) 550613
Fax: +49 (3943) 5506-22

Representing Chocotech GmbH, Sollich KG, Dumoulin and Knobel:
Sollich North America
4916 Londonberry Drive
Tampa, FL  33647
Tel.:  +1 813-345-4710; Fax: +1 813-200-1065

Visit us at booth S-6416

Turbo Systems

At the Turbo Systems booth at the PACK EXPO/PROCESS EXPO shows in Las Vegas, the company and its partners will be exhibiting a completely new line of processing machinery for confectionery and bakery products. Visitors will have the chance to see videos representations and actual product samples as well as collect brochures and detailed drawings.

MF Hamburg, (Germany) specializes in chocolate enrobing equipment, tempering machines and cooling tunnels, for confectionery, dairy, bakery, snack foods and nutritional products. At the show, the company will exhibit a complete MF Hamburg enrober with a cooling tunnel and a built-in tempering unit.

Krueger & Salecker, (Germany) designs and builds forming machines and rolling systems for the production of confectionery centers, cookies, nutrition bars, etc. The company also manufactures rolling and coating systems for producing spherical products, even from cereals. Its cereal sphere forming machine type GFT 0200 will be demonstrated during the show.

Aeros Ltd. (China) specializes in aerating systems for confections, such as marshmallows, gums, nougats, cream fillings, etc.

Doeinghaus (Germany) designs and builds multi-purpose servo-driven robotic cutting machines utilizing ultrasonic technology for candy bars, cookies and other applications.

Arenco Packovation (Sweden) Having just become affiliated with Turbo Systems, Arenco and Turbo Systems will be showing the latest in carton-forming, carton-filling and carton-sealing machines equipped with double tools to simultaneously form bottom and tops for turn-over frame and end-wall chocolate boxes.

Bosch Contiline (Germany) Turbo Systems is working with the Bosch Contiline division to offer customers complete bar manufacturing systems for confectionery, cereal, and protein/nutrition bars. 

Padovani-Tecno-Stamp Srl (Italy) - The new Padovani Aladin Triple Extruder for up to three color biscuits will be demonstrated at the booth.

Turbo Systems, Inc.
2131 Hollywood Blvd. #508
Hollywood, FL  33020
Tel.: +1 954-922-9335

Visit us at booth S-6622

Imperial Design Technologies, Inc.

Serving the confectionery, bakery and snack food industries, Imperial Design Technologies, Inc. designs and fabricates custom-built machinery in its facility located in West Michigan. Its machines for product moulding, extruding and depositing are built to meet the varying needs of our customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

Imperial Design Technologies provides services specializing in the design and manufacture of chocolate moulding systems, extruders and depositors. 

The company’s unique modular design concept for chocolate moulding allows manufacturers to meet present needs as well as long-term growth. Whether the system features a unit depositor or a complete One-Shot attachment, it will be able to increase production output and product versatility. In addition, continued growth allows the manufacturer to add on in stages, creating a complete three-stage shell line.

The company also designs and produces a wide variety of extrusion machines for servicing the confectionery, bakery and snack food industries. Depending on the product requirements, a choice of design principles can be included that best suits product characteristics - be they confectionery items for cream, caramel, coconut, grained nougat, marzipan, marshmallow, fruit and nut-filled box-chocolate or bar centers.

Imperial Design Technologies also designs and produces a variety of depositing capabilities for servicing the confectionery industry such as turtles, patties, pralines and nonpareils.

Imperial Design Technologies, L.L.C.
4520 Spartan Industrial Dr. SW
Grandville, MI  49418
Tel.: +1 616-531-8053
Fax: +1 616-531-9611

Sales Representative:
E. Klein Associates
164 Glencarin Dr.
Rockford, MI  49341
Tel.: +1 616-866-1369
Fax: +1 616-866-1342

Visit us at booth S-6419A


LoeschPack Germany, a manufacturer of packaging machines and complete lines for confectionery, prides itself on being a leader in quality and innovation. The company takes inspiration from its motto, “Packaging your Ideas,” and developing comprehensive benefits for our customers.

One of LoeschPack’s latest developments involves delivering a “pick ‘n place” solution for chocolate sweets. The cubic-shaped pralines, which are enrobed with either white or dark chocolate, pass under a metal detector before being fed to the pick ‘n place positions.

The position and quality of the sweets are individually recognized by camera systems. While trays are automatically de-nested on aLoesch DN-2 tray denester and fed on a conveyor with pushers to the filing positions, each of the four high-speed pick ‘n place robots picks up and places each of the sweets into a free cavity of the continuously transported plastic trays. In one swoop, 400 sweets are filled into the trays this way.

While trays are filled, the praline boxes are formed parallel on a tray-erecting machine TA-1. The boxes with an attached lid are erected and glued and transported to another station where the filled plastic trays are then automatically pushed into the waiting boxes.

A piece of clear cellophane and a voucher is placed on top of filled tray before the carton lid is closed. Closed boxes are overwrapped in a full, clear and heat-sealed cellophane overwrap with self-adhesive tear-tape and X-fold on both sides. Then the box is completely finished. Weight of each filled box is controlled on a check-weigher.

Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Industriestrasse 1
96146 Altendorf
Tel.: +49 – 9545 – 449 - 0
Fax: +49 – 9545 – 449 - 500


Hebenstreit supplies production systems for flat and hollow wafers that range from semi-automatic lines with a capacity of about 120 kg/h to fully automatic, high-efficiency lines rated at 1,200 kg/h and more.

The extent of the product range begins with raw material dosing and mixing systems for the preparation of wafer batters and extends to the fully automatic conveying of the cut, cream-filled wafers to subsequent packaging machines, coating plants or moulding  lines.

As early as 1898, baking machines were manufactured in the factory in Radebeul near Dresden. However, since the company’s re-incorporation in 1950, the headquarters are now located in a nearby suburb of Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Many high-profile companies comprise Hebenstreit’s clientele, with the world’s most popular wafer products produced on its systems.

Each wafer production system is “tailor-made” according to the individual requirements of the customer. They are designed depending on the type of product required, capacity, grade of automation and existing production facilities. In addition, high-quality products in many cases demand the development of custom-engineered machines.

As a matter of principle, maximum operating safety and the incorporation of the latest technological improvement, be it mechanical or electrical, remain critical components of every Hebenstreit production system.

Such continual self-improvement minimizes “down time.” For example, all clutch/brake units have been replaced by frequency-controlled drives or servo drives. Consequently, production interruptions because of maintenance requirements or normal wear and tear are minimized.

Hebenstreit guarantees excellence post-sales service, supported by a network of more than 60 representatives worldwide, as well as 25 highly experienced service engineers.

Hebenstreit GmbH
Hessenring 16
D-64527 Moerfelden-Walldorf
Tel.: +49 (0) 6105-02-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6105-202-190


One of the newest products that the company unveiled at last year’s interpack, its High-speed Depositor, continues to garner attention from manufacturers worldwide.

The High-speed Depositor is suitable for depositing all types of aerated chocolate creams, batters and marshmallows. It combines undreamed-of possibilities with the company’s undisputed stamp of quality.

The unit is capable of depositing at very high speeds - up to 300 rows per minute depending on the product. During dosing, the volume flow for each product is synchronized upstream of the nozzle exit by mechanically linked annular gear pumps. Thereby, the differences in the dosing weight can be kept within very close limits.

At the end of dosing, a part of the mass will be retracted into the nozzles. This allows a clean and simultaneous cut off of the mass at the nozzle exit, which further improves the quality of the products and the accuracy of the dosing weight.

By means of the highly dynamic X- and Z-axes, it is possible to deposit precisely onto the product conveyor belt or into a mould at very high cycle rates.

Other features include a changeable and flexible program, easy changeouts of depositing tools and a small footprint. The High-Speed Depositor easily accommodates recipe management and contains a coordination interface for line operation.

Haas-Mondomix B.V.
Damsluisweg 41
1332 EA Almere
The Netherlands
Tel: +31/36/5210 999
Fax: +31/36/5210 900

Ladco Group

Due to product diversification, the Ladco Group has had a busy few years supporting customers with recipe development, both on site at client’s factories and at their own research & development facilities in Scotland, Germany, Japan, Australia, India, to name a few. 

The technical support offered by Ladco’s group of technicians as well as its consultants worldwide has allowed the company to improve its customer’s products and also helped them to reduce the ever increasing costs of manufacturing high quality chocolate. 

On the machinery side, both Petzholdt Heidenauer (PH) and MacIntyre have had a steady period of improving their existing product range.  PH is doing very well with its continuous conching systems, which require less floor space, less floor loading and less energy. At the same time, the uints achieve the same rheological and sensorical results as batch conching.

PH’s latest Five-Roll Refiner with Fineness Measuring Unit and full PLC control allows the rollers on the machine to be adjusted automatically when required to maintain a constant particle size.  The company is also developing a new 1,800-mm wide Rive-Roll Refiner which will have the same footprint as the old machine, but with 30% increased output capability. 

MacIntyre has continued its development and improvement by introducing the new 6,000-kg Duplex Refiner/Conche fitted with shear to its already extensive range of refiner/conches.  This has improved the refining and conching of pure chocolates and reduced the cycle time using less energy per kilo of chocolate produced.  The shear attachment can be retrofitted to any of MacIntyre’s range of refiner/conches already on the market today, thus improving the performance and conching action. 

MacIntyre Chocolate Systems 
Sir William Smith Road, Kirkton Industrial Estate,
Arbroath, DD11 3RD, Scotland, UK.
Tel:  +44 (0)1241 434444      
Fax: +44 (0)1241 434411

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau International GmbH
Niedersedlitzer Strasse 41
D-01239 Dresden
Tel.: +49 (0) 351-2861 200
Fax: +49 (0) 351-2861 282

Bosch Packaging Technology

The new Delta robot platform LDx from Sigpack Systems, a division of Bosch Packaging Technology, is made up of compact cells with integrated Delta robots that can be adapted easily and flexibly to suit a variety of applications.  With this new system Sigpack Systems demonstrates its competence in developing automated technologies for handling and packaging processes in the confectionery, pharmaceutical and food industries.

 The robots are able to handle an almost unlimited number of confectionery items. A variety of gripper types ensures that products are handled with care. Regardless of whether the process uses vacuum suction, airstream grippers or finger grippers, fast-action couplings mean that the robot arm can be quickly modified to suit different production requirements.

SVI Vertical Bagger Upgrades 
With its low height and numerous in-field upgrade options, Bosch Packaging Technology’s new SVI vertical bagger series can handle a wide range of food applications. This combination allows the intermittent SVI machines to produce bags with corner seal and doy style bags with optional zippers. For corner sealing, the manufacturer can upgrade the machine with an additional module.

Whenever the package style is changed, there is no need to adapt the machine height or dosing platform. This efficient changeover reduces machine downtime during format change and increases the overall performance of the equipment.

The SVI series consists of two machines for packaging different format ranges: the SVI 4020 packages bag sizes with a maximum 400 mm width, while the SVI 2620 forms a bag with a maximum 260 mm width. The machines have an output ranging from 10 to 120 bags per minute.

The SVI series offers heat-sealing and polysealing options.

Bosch Packaging Technology
869 South Knowles Avenue
New Richmond, WI 54017
Tel.: +1 715-246-6511
 Fax: +1 715-246-6539

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