A co-founder of Halo Top ice cream has moved into the chocolate category with the launch of Gatsby Chocolate, a range of lower-calorie bars.

Gatsby chocolate bars have less than half the calories of regular chocolate bars and approximately one-quarter of the sugar. Available in both milk and dark chocolate varieties, the tuxedoed bars are launching in more than 1,500 retail locations nationwide, including Kroger, Ralph’s, Mariano’s, Fred Meyer, QFC, Fry’s and other Kroger banners, and are available online for $4.99.

“Just like we did with ice cream, we’re reimagining and reinventing the chocolate bar with Gatsby Chocolate, creating a product for consumers that delivers on taste, texture, and health,” said Doug Bouton, CEO and founder of Gatsby Chocolate and co-founder of Halo Top Ice Cream. “We tapped into the most important technology to hit the food industry in decades when we discovered Epogee’s revolutionary ingredient innovation. EPG makes it possible for us to offer chocolate lovers indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that’s significantly healthier than regular chocolate!” 

Gatsby has partnered with Epogee LLC to achieve calorie reduction while maintaining indulgence by using EPG, Epogee’s GMO-free, plant-based fat alternative technology. The solution opens up a new avenue of better-for-you formulation, eliminating up to 92 percent of calories from fat. 

“The Epogee team is excited and incredibly proud of our work with Gatsby Chocolate to help deliver a new paradigm of better-for-you chocolate indulgence,” said Tom Burrows, CEO and president of Epogee. “EPG alternative fat technology makes it possible to retain everything people love about chocolate – great taste, texture and mouthfeel – while significantly reducing overall caloric content. Now consumers have a healthier choice to satisfy their chocolate craving without all the sugar, calories and guilt that can come with a typical chocolate bar.”