The Hershey Company is launching its new Super Hero Milk Chocolate bar by sharing some of the first batch with real super heroes — those at the front lines.

DC Comics and Hershey, two iconic brands, are joining forces to create the Super Hero Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. 

The company said sharing the bars with those on the front lines is a small gesture for their heroic efforts during these unprecedented times. 

The bars will be available to the larger public in July.

In addition to these bars, Hershey has donated millions in cash and product to benefit community safety and a variety of healthcare organizations, including committing $1 million to acquire, install and staff a new manufacturing line dedicated to the production of face masks.

“Supporting our communities in difficult times is part of our legacy, and an important value that our current employees share,” said Michele Buck, president and CEO. “From the building projects that created local jobs during the Great Depression, to producing military rations during World War II, we take great pride in making a difference where we can.”