Pocky’s new chocolate banana, cookies and cream flavors
Ezaki Glico USA, Irvine, Calif.
(949) 251-0144

Ezaki Glico U.S.A., maker of the popular Pocky brand of snack products, is adding two new flavors to its lineup, with the launch of Chocolate Banana Pocky and Cookies & Cream Pocky.

  • Chocolate Banana pairs the light crunch of a chocolate cookie stick with a smooth banana-flavored cream.
  • Cookies and Cream pairs a chocolate-flavored cookie stick with a sweet cream coating.

“At Glico we’re always looking to expand our popular Pocky brand with new flavor combinations,” says Shunsuke Nakai, president of Ezaki Glico U.S.A.  “These two new flavors explode with taste and make the perfect snack for taking to the beach or enjoying after a summer bar-b-que.”

The Pocky sticks have no coating on one end so the user can enjoy the snack without getting the cream on their hands. The two latest varieties deliver scrumptious flavors the entire family can enjoy.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, interesterified vegetable oil (palm kernel oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil), lactose, whole milk powder, palm oil shortening, cocoa powder, contains 1 percent or less of: artificial flavors, banana powder, lecithin, salt, yeast, leavening (sodium bicarbonate), sodium hydroxide, beta-carotene color, papain. Contains wheat, milk, and soybeans.

S.R.P.: (2.47-oz. box) $1.99