Alain Roby — the chef known for his All Chocolate Kitchen (A.C.K.) in Geneva, Ill. and his habit of creating giant chocolate statues of famous people — is only getting more popular.

And his next move will mark the third expansion of A.C.K. in the past three years. He’s adding 1500 sq. ft. of additional space, which will join the recent expansion of the café and new 500 sq. ft. private event space.

The new expansion will not only live up to A.C.K’s mantra that “anything is good if it’s made out of chocolate,” but will also feature an array of wines and a larger selection of savory options for the sophisticated palate. For example, he’ll offer charcuterie and cheese boards; sweet and savory spreads; dessert flights that can include a sampling of the many sweet selections; as well as rich coffee creations at the café.

“We are thrilled to announce our third expansion and hope to have the project complete by mid-September of this year,” says Roby. “I am committed to giving my guests the absolute best when they come in to A.C.K. and this will just continue to allow us to do just that with more space for only the finest quality products and service.”

Indeed, guests from all over the Chicagoland area have flocked to A.C.K. to see Roby in action, as his guest spots on the Food Network and The Martha Stewart Show, as well as various other television appearances have garnered him and his restaurant much well-deserved (and delicious) attention.

And, as a Certified Master Chef of Pastry and Sugar Artistry and Hall of Fame member in both Pastry Art & Design and Chocolatier magazines, Roby is internationally known for his talent in creating sugar and chocolate masterpieces.

These include:

  • The literal chocolate kitchen: A life-size All Chocolate Kitchen made entirely out of dark Belgian chocolate
  • The Astronaut: A 700-lb. white chocolate sculpture of Neil Armstrong in an astronaut suit created for the Adler Planetarium that gained fame on the Food Network and The Learning Channel
  • The Hockey Player: A life-size, 650-lb. white chocolate Blackhawks player presented to Chicago native/former NHL player Eddie Olczyk at the Blackhawks’ celebration of the 2010 Stanley Cup.

All of these creations are available for guests to view at A.C.K.

And, he’s already working on a spectacular showpiece featuring chocolate “in motion” for the new addition. The 21-ft. tall chocolate rig, which will pump 300 pounds of white chocolate consistently, will be on display in the expanded area, joining his already impressive collection.

A.C.K. also has a commitment to maintaining authenticity in all of its products.

Roby oversees every step of the daily production to ensure results of unparalleled quality — from the authentic Italian ingredients in his gelatos to the exquisite cru-quality Belgian and Swiss chocolate featured in his famous desserts and truffles.  

Roby studied and learned his culinary art in Paris from the world famous Pastry Chef Lenotre.  He is the only pastry chef in the world to hold three Guinness World Records, including: “World's Tallest Cooked Sugar Building”, “World's Tallest Chocolate Sculpture”, and “World’s Longest Candy Cane.”

It looks like A.C.K.’s expansion is sure to be a hit with chocolate lovers far and wide.