Lily’s Sweets items
Lily’s Sweets, Boulder, Colo.

Lily’s Sweets, maker of sugar-free chocolate bars and baking chocolate, is adding chocolate-covered nuts and peanut butter cups to its portfolio.

The chocolate-covered almonds and peanuts — each available in milk and dark chocolate varieties — contain 1 gram sugar per serving. And, after seeing lovers of Lily’s Sweets Dark Chocolate Baking Chocolate make peanut butter cups, the Lily’s team decided to develop their own. Also available in milk and dark chocolate varieties, the peanut butter cups come in a convenient pouch with five servings ready to satisfy daily cravings.

Ingredients (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup): Unsweetened cocoa, erythritol, organic roasted peanut flour, cocoa butter, chicory root fiber, salt, organic peanut oil, sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract, stevia extract.

S.R.P. (3.2-3.5 oz.): $5.99