Bits_body3_03-12.gifSometimes chocolate is not enough when two lovers are apart.

Lacta chocolate bars — which has long encouraged consumers to exchange love messages on its wrappers — recently debuted a new smart phone application (app) that conveys all the pleasure of a personal note, without the pen.

The app, designed by OgilvyOne Worldwide, allows users to send personal messages that can then be projected onto a Lacta wrapper via a smart phone.
When the recipient places a Lacta bar in front of the phone’s camera, the message “magically” appears on the bar, creating the illusion that it is written on the packaging.

In a video demonstrating the app, a man picks up his iPhone and types in the message “You are the sweetest part of my life.” Somewhere far away, a woman receives the message, and after putting a Lacta bar in front of her phone, she sees the words apparently written on the bar, with hearts flying off.

The app, which is available for iPhones and Androids, is a natural extension for Lacta, the top-selling milk chocolate brand in Greece. The brand has run several ad campaigns about the idea that it is a chocolate of love, and even produced a 27-minute branded-entertainment film with the same theme.

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