Wine Tasting Party Gift Set
Brix Chocolate, Youngstown, Ohio
(866) 972-6879

Wine and chocolate is the new wine and cheese, and Brix Chocolate is giving consumers all the tools they need to be prepared for their next tasting party. This set includes four types of chocolate: extra dark at 70 percent cacao, medium dark at 60 percent, smooth dark at 54 percent and milk chocolate at 46 percent, all made from single-origin Ghanaian cacao  beans — a cutting board, a knife and a tasting guide.

Wine expert Philip Goodband helped choose the pairings. “It is the degree of bitterness combined with the other ingredients that is the key,” he says. “Brix has a different set of textures … it works.”

Ingredients: N/A

 S.R.P.: $49.95