The Tic Tac brand is joining forces with global audio streaming service Spotify to offer Hear For It, a unique event series that employs Spotify's streaming intelligence to target listeners and consumers who exemplify the fun and refreshing personality of the Tic Tac brand. 

Music fans will be targeted through their listening choices, allowing Tic Tac to establish meaningful relationships with key audiences through on-platform messaging as well as treating them to a one-of-a-kind experience in the real world.  

The interactive concert will give fans a multi-sensory experience that allows them to engage with Tic Tac and Spotify in new ways. Kicking off the first week of December, Hear For It features two back-to-back nights of activations – Vol 1: Sounds Refreshing and Vol 2: Sounds Delicious – both taking place at The Mint in Los Angeles.

Vol 1: Sounds Refreshing will showcase the essence of the iconic mint brand as Spotify fans groove to the smooth sounds of Ella Vos, while Vol 2: Sounds Delicious will celebrate the fruity side of the Tic Tac brand and encourage guests to let loose as they rock out with Surfaces.

"We're always looking for fresh ways to connect with our audience and bring to life our iconic mint and unmistakable sound," said Felipe Riera Michelotti, v.p. of marketing, Tic Tac North America at Ferrero USA, Inc. "This collaboration with Spotify gives us an opportunity to shake things up and rethink the concert experience in a way that only the Tic Tac brand could."

Following Tic Tac mints' previous music collaborations, the brand is increasingly seeking to manifest its unique flavor and sound through unexpected musical experiences and partnerships. Tic Tac mints hopes these activations will continue to connect with consumers in fun and immersive ways that prompt them to rethink the brand's place in the mint category. 

"In this age of device overload, marketers are faced with both a challenge and an opportunity," said Danielle Lee, v.p., global head of partner solutions, Spotify. "In order to truly connect with customers, it is crucial for brands to come to life beyond the digital world by creating real-life experiences that are both interactive and culturally relevant. With Hear For It, we've found a unique way to accomplish both. We are thrilled to launch the series with Tic Tac mints as our inaugural partner."

Spotify listeners will be invited to Hear For It through targeted audio ads and exclusive branded communication. Entry will be first-come, first-serve. Fans who aren't able to attend will still be able to get a taste of the experience via two branded Tic Tac mints' playlists on Spotify, Minty: Vol 1 - Sounds Refreshing, and Fruity: Vol 2 - Sounds Delicious.