Arndt Ruesges_HariboHaribo of America has added Arndt Ruesges to its executive team and Board of Directors to oversee the build and operations of the company’s first factory in North America.

Ruesges, who will serve as the company’s chief production officer, comes to Haribo of America after 16 years at Haribo headquarters in Grafschaft, Germany. Ruesges brings with him decades of supply chain, logistics, engineering and automation experience. 

Ruesges’s expertise in manufacturing, particularly in the confectionery industry, will help Haribo’s U.S. business produce approximately 66,000 tons of gummy treats every year and bring more than 400 jobs to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Ruesges previously served as managing director, production/supply chain, for Haribo in Germany, where he was responsible for leading the build of the company’s new headquarters when the company moved from Bonn to Grafschaft. He also led the automation of Haribo’s warehouse in Grafschaft, allowing the warehouse to store and mobilize 100,000 palettes of product, an entirely new capability for the business.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the Haribo of America team and see our first factory in the U.S. come to life,” Ruesges said. “I’ve been with Haribo for nearly two decades, and I’m proud of the value we place on quality products and meeting our consumers’ needs. Our factory here in the U.S. will allow us to build on our capabilities and get our products to market faster than ever before.”

The Pleasant Prairie Plan Commission approved Haribo’s preliminary site and operational plans for the factory in May 2019, and groundbreaking is planned for spring 2020. Ruesges joins the executive team alongside COO Rick LaBerge and CFO Wes Saber. 

“We’re grateful to have Arndt on board to not only lead the build of our factory, but also oversee and advise on everything it takes to set us up for success to manufacture confectionery products with excellence,” LaBerge said. 

“Arndt is an essential member of our executive team, and he brings with him deep-rooted Haribo knowledge in tandem with a fresh perspective on innovation and progressive approach to production in the U.S.,” Saber added.