SmartSweets has unwrapped its eighth candy innovation: Red Twists.

Keeping its pinky promise of innovating candy that’s sweetened without added sugars, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners, each 1.8-oz. bag of Red Twists puts a healthy twist on traditional licorice at 12 grams of fiber and 2 grams of sugar per bag. 

Red Twists are gluten-free, plant-based and packed with a natural Berry Punch flavor that will satisfy cravings without the guilt. Red Twists join SmartSweets’ ever-expanding collection, including Sourmelon Bites, Peach Rings, Sweet Fish and more. 

“Innovation is part of SmartSweets DNA, and we are so excited to launch Red Twists, the first ever #KickSugar gluten-free licorice,” said Founder Tara Bosch. “Red Twists are low-sugar, packed with plant-based fiber and keep our promise of being free from added sugar, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. We are super proud of Red Twists innovation, not only because they kick sugar, with only 2 grams of sugar per bag, but our squad has also innovated around gluten, creating a gluten-free licorice. With most licorice in the market including wheat, a gluten-free and low sugar red licorice is truly the first of its kind in the world.”

SmartSweets’ Red Twists are available for purchase on and Amazon. Each 1.8-oz. bag retails at $3.29 or $39.48 for a 12-pouch carton.