For the first time, KIND has published the added sugar content of more than 60 snacks across its portfolio online.

The information, shared on the newly launched KIND Promises webpage, furthers the brand's commitment to transparency surrounding its products and their nutritionals. Its publication comes two years in advance of the deadline recently set by the FDA for food companies to break out the added sugar content in their products.

"Our approach at KIND is to provide consumers with straightforward information about what they're putting into their bodies, so for us, publishing the added sugar content in our snacks is a natural next step in our ongoing commitment to transparency," says Daniel Lubetzky, founder and ceo of KIND.

The page also publicly outlines the overarching health and nutrition principles that guide the company's innovation.

In recent years, KIND has taken steps to use as little sugar as possible in its snacks without compromising taste or adding artificial sweeteners.

Just last year, the brand made an effort to reduce the sugar in seven of its Fruit & Nut bars. The resulting bars will contain between 14 and 56 percent less sugar compared to prior recipes, and their rollout will be complete by 2017. Once the reformulated bars are available, all KIND snacks will contain just 0.5 to 2.5 tsp. of added sugar per serving.

Other KIND products like the new Pressed by KIND line are made only with fruit and chia or fruit and vegetables, and contain no added sugar while providing two full servings of fruit. And at five g. of sugar or less, all the bars in KIND's best-selling Nuts & Spices line contain 50 to 60 percent less total sugar compared to the average nutrition bar.

"Always using a nutrient-dense food like nuts, whole grains or fruit as our first ingredient and striving to make products that are low glycemic are among the standards that guide our product innovation," says Stephanie Perruzza, health and wellness specialist at KIND. "As we look to the future, we'll continue to stand by these principles when creating new snacks made with wholesome, recognizable ingredients."