Brooklyn-based bean-to-bar chocolatier Fine & Raw has gotten a fine redesign. 
Just ahead of the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, Fine & Raw unveiled two new flavors and revitalized packaging designs . 
The Cashew Nut Butter Bar features raw cashew butter and dark chocolate, with a light caramel cookie taste. The 70% Cacao Bar is made of 70 percent dark chocolate with added coconut butter. 
Fine & Raw’s bars also have been resized. Now 40 percent thinner, the bars still weigh in at 2 oz. After experimenting with thinner bars through its Brooklyn Bonnie collection, Fine & Raw has discovered that more surface area means chocolate molecules are more quickly released on the tongue. 
Fine & Raw Founder Daniel Sklaar acted as the lead art director, giving the wrappers a new natural look with bright colors and floral imagery to match the company’s new direction and commitment to using natural ingredients.  
“Our redesign reflects not only our obsession with making the best craft chocolate in the world, but leading the industry in innovation from ingredients to presentation,” Sklaar said. “The thinner bars magically dance on the palate like no other chocolate, and our vibrant new packaging means our bars look and taste beautiful.” 
Founded in 2008, Fine & Raw uses 100 percent organic ingredients and unrefined sweeteners. It’s also known for hand-wrapped bars, truffles and spreads.