Chocolate Storybook, a Des Moines-based confectionery company, will launch cone-shaped bags of gourmet cotton candy this year due to popular demand. 

Chocolate Storybook sells over 40 unique flavors of gourmet cotton candy. The new product line features seasonal collections and some will be available as soon as March.

"We've noticed a trend among top confectionary companies, like Jelly Belly, that successfully sell their product in a similar cone-shaped bag," said Chocolate Storybook President Meg Shearer. "We want to reach a wider audience that enjoys the same great taste of cotton candy in different styles of packaging for a variety of occasions."

Shearer also said the cone bags entice consumers during seasonal occasions to purchase a product that's lower in cost and size for Easter baskets, stocking stuffers, and more. Standard tubs retail at $4.95 for 1.75-oz., while cone bags retail at $2.99-$3.99 for 1-oz. "We listen to our customer base and get feedback about what experiences they want and try to match products that will intrigue them," said Shearer.

The new product line will be sold department stores and retail shops nationwide, as well as on Chocolate Storybook's ecommerce platforms including its website, Amazon, Walmart, Faire, and Etsy. Each tub retails at $4.95. Chocolate Storybook uses the finest ingredients spun fresh in small batches. They have 23 flavors that contain no artificial colors or flavors.

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