Last week, M&M'S spokescandies began pursuing other passions in the lead up to the Super Bowl as the brand announced that award-winning actress, director, and producer, Maya Rudolph, would be the star of its Super Bowl LVII commercial.  

Since then Maya has implemented a number of changes, including:  

  • Renaming the brand Ma&Ya’s (on YouTube here and on Instagram here)  
  • Adding her face to the chocolate candies’ outer shell (which you can view on YouTube here and on Instagram here)    

As a part of today’s news, the star of M&M’S Super Bowl ad—now going by the title “Top Banana and Queen of All Cool Stuff”— just made a “clamderful” announcement about what’s in store next, which you can check out here.  

If you’re just catching up, the M&M’S spokescandies have been enjoying the opportunity to explore their outside passions in advance of their return to their long-term and official roles as M&M’S spokescandies after Super Bowl LVII.  

This year’s Super Bowl campaign continues to bring the fun, unexpected moments designed to surprise and delight fun-loving fans leading up to and during the big game. Fans should stay tuned see how the story resolves on February 12. 

The spokescandies have been keeping busy, in the meantime:

  • Orange is now a meditation content host on Spotify, doing his best to help others find inner peace, whether or not he is able to do so for himself. 
  • Yellow spent his whole career as an M&M’S spokescandy and was frankly born to be a spokescandy, so he’s found a new home as the face of the Snickers brand, telling the world on Instagram and on stands in the latest issue of People Magazine. 
  • Brown is becoming a guest host at Cheddar News, offering her perspective on representation in business, starting this Friday, Feb. 3, at 9:30AM ET. Viewers can find out how to watch Brown during her journey at Cheddar News here
  • Purple is continuing her mission of spreading authenticity and acceptance through her passion for music, working with one of the world’s best vocal coaches, Cheryl Porter, to launch her music career.  
  • Blue is becoming a sports commentator, lending his colorful take on every angle of the upcoming Big Game. 
  • Red is trying to keep the spotlight and capitalize on his long tenured fame, by making his presence known on eBay to sell his M&M’S collectibles in his own store with items that remind us of his awesomeness. He’s so awesome, his first batch of collectibles sold out in just one hour!  
  • Green is partnering with trailblazing streetwear creator Jazerai Allen-Lord to create her very first sneaker design, telling her story across TikTok and Instagram inspiring future entrepreneurs.

The M&M'S Brand's new 30-second spot, produced by BBDO New York, will air during the third commercial break in the second quarter of Super Bowl LVII, on Sunday, Feb. 12. Additionally, fans will get to experience the full Super Bowl LVII campaign storyline, as part of the global brand refresh and focus on purpose that launched in January 2022.   

For more information and updates on this Super Bowl LVII campaign and ad, fans can visit M&M'S at