Alter Eco, the chocolate brand that regenerates ecosystems, empowers farmers, and fights climate change, is introducing new flavors of Truffe Thins and Blackout Bars at this year’s Natural Products Expo West. A NEXTY Award finalist for ‘Best New Organic or Regenerative Organic Certified Product,’ Alter Eco invites attendees to visit Booth #311 in Hall A.

Alter Eco continues to provide consumers with clean chocolate that keeps the planet green with new Truffle Thin and Blackout Bar flavors. The Truffle Thin flavors mix 60% cacao 3x longer for a smoother taste, and for those serious about their chocolate, the new Blackout Bars mix 85% cacao, which offers health-conscious consumers melt-in-your-mouth benefits. The new flavors include:

  • Crème Brûlée Truffle Thins feature crunchy caramel and a creamy truffle center covered in rich Ecuadorian cacao.
  • Raspberry Crème Truffle Thins are a combination of raspberry crème and organic dark chocolate resulting in a fruity, slightly tart truffle-stuffed bar.
  • Orange Crème Truffle Thins combine orange in rich cream with smooth dark chocolate.
  • Almond Blackout is crafted with the highest quality Ecuadorian and Dominican Republic cacao for a chocolate flavor and an almond crunch.
  • Orange Blackout is smooth 85% cacao and a citrus twist from oranges, resulting in a low-sugar snack.

The suggested retail price for each bar is $3.99, and the new flavors will launch on the Alter Eco website and on Amazon on March 13. They will also be available at Whole Foods Market nationwide by March 17.

“When creating some of our newer offerings, we noticed a strong resonance with our flavor combinations among consumers. 85% of existing bars are dominated by plain dark chocolate and we knew this was an opportunity to bring more unique flavor combinations to the category,” said Arnulfo Ventura, CEO, Alter Eco. “The flavors we are launching at Expo West this year continue to encapsulate our brand's core value of bringing high-quality snacks that restores rather than depletes."