AAK has launched a premium cocoa butter substitute (CBS) compound that facilitates unprecedented levels of cocoa in chocolate compounds for enhanced taste.

Using a CBS to create chocolate compounds can significantly reduce formulation costs for products such as confectionery bars, tablets, and bakery goods. However, most options on the market present issues with bloom and sensory qualities if the amount of cocoa ingredients exceeds 5%.

CEBES Choco 15 is a patented, plant-based CBS compound that allows up to 15% of cocoa ingredients for superior cocoa flavor. It supports a long shelf life and avoids bloom even in high-cocoa recipes, ensuring products retain a glossy appearance, remain hard and stable at room temperature, and are pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is free from trans-fatty acids (TFAs) and has cost-efficient processing, with no tempering process required, while maintaining a fast setting time.

Luis Parra, AAK’s global director of chocolate & confectionery fats, says: “We are very excited to launch CEBES Choco 15, the only compound on the market that allows up to 15% of cocoa ingredients. It is an innovative, highly flexible solution that can help brands max out on their products’ taste while maintaining longer-lasting quality and cost-efficient processing.” 

Market trends indicate that affordable indulgence will be essential in a recessionary environment, with consumers increasingly seeking out high-quality treats at more modest prices. CEBES Choco 15 is a cost-effective solution that is designed to help brands deliver a more authentic chocolate experience across a broad array of products.

Parra says: “Cost is becoming an increasingly important factor for consumers, but taste remains the primary criterion for chocolate confectionery purchasing decisions. As such, they will still enjoy small luxuries and emphasize value for money over the lowest price. We believe AAK will create more value for both customers and consumers by providing them with the right mixture of affordability and quality without the trade-offs.”