Spangler Candy Company is reintroducing Bit-O-Honey, the classic honey-flavored chew, with a total brand relaunch. Spangler recently acquired Bit-O-Honey, seeing potential in the underappreciated treat for a renaissance on modern candy shelves, and now, the bite-sized candy is positioned to make a grand reintroduction.

Bit-O-Honey’s previously outdated packaging gave shoppers almost no information about the candy’s savory-sweet flavor. But Spangler’s research revealed that Bit-O-Honey’s natural ingredients of real honey and roasted almond bits appeal to a typically untapped audience for candy: adults looking for a lighter treat to keep them going.

Spangler’s rebrand, executed with the help of Indianapolis agency Young & Laramore, positions Bit-O-Honey as a subtly sweet little fix to help you get through the most mundane parts of every day, from wall-to-wall meetings to the endless school pickup line.

“When we had the chance to take on Bit-O-Honey, we saw a lot of potential,” said Kirk Vashaw, CEO of Spangler Candy. “We’ve always loved the brand’s unique flavor profile, and now we’ve improved the consistency of the candy’s smooth texture to help bring out those honey and almond flavors. We’re excited to introduce a whole new audience to Bit-O-Honey.”

The new packaging paints Bit-O-Honey in a vivid color palette and adds visual emphasis to the candy’s natural ingredients, with roasted almonds drowning in a smooth honey drizzle. It even introduces a stylized version of the brand’s signature bee character, whose distinctive look offers a sneak peek at Bit-O-Honey’s new personality.

“We created a look that evolves the classic packaging to make the brand feel more modern and more relevant to today’s candy shopper,” said Evan Brock, vice president of marketing at Spangler Candy. “This relaunch puts Bit-O-Honey in a great position to rise in popularity and gain a new relevance in the world of candy.”

Bit-O-Honey’s updated packaging will appear in stores as soon as Spring 2023, launching alongside a new website for the rebrand. The new look will also make an appearance at the Sweets and Snacks Expo in Chicago this May. 

Visit Bit-O-Honey’s website here.

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