Barry Callebaut has announced its continued commitment to providing innovations for food manufacturers aligned to the Company’s Future of Indulgence report that was debuted at last year’s show. Barry Callebaut showcased two recent innovations this year: Ruby Baking Chip and the first taste of the 2nd Generation of Chocolate.


The Consumer Demand for Intense Indulgences 

Consumers' changing attitudes to life are affecting the way they indulge. Barry Callebaut revealed this at last year’s show with its The Future of Indulgence report, which included the discovery of three different types of indulgences that consumers shift between and pursue: mindful, healthy and intense. The Intense Indulgence attitude, Barry Callebaut's focus at this year's Sweets & Snacks Expo, is about enjoying life to the fullest, turning the moment into something special and looking for intense experiences.


Showcasing New Innovations: The Ruby Baking Chip 

Barry Callebaut’s dedication to providing consumers with innovations that satisfy the Intense Indulgence mindset is shown through the debut of the Ruby Baking Chip. Following ruby chocolate’s 2017 debut, Barry Callebaut’s continuous expansion and innovation with ruby chocolate underscores its commitment to the premium and flavor-forward product range, including solutions for confections, ice cream and now baking and snacks. “We are excited to bring ruby chocolate into a new segment and category for our customers,” said Steve Woolley, President & CEO Americas. “The Ruby Baking Chip offers a new flavor and taste experience for the snack and baking manufacturer.” 


The 2nd Generation of Chocolate 

Additionally, Barry Callebaut will be showcasing a first look at its upcoming innovation, the 2nd Generation of Chocolate, which was announced last fall. It is a redesigned approach to traditional chocolate production. Through the careful selection of beans, precise fermentation and roasting, the Second Generation offers a range of chocolates with low bitterness, allowing for the ingredient deck to list cocoa as the first ingredient and sugar as the last. This new product design achieves a 50% sugar reduction versus the most consumed chocolates on the market. The 2nd Generation of Chocolate honors the Mindful Indulgence pillar of consumer attitudes, an attitude that will be highlighted in coming months.


Attending Sweets & Snacks Expo 2023

“The emergence of Intense Indulgence is apparent in consumers’ desire to indulge more, find more excitement in life, and turn little moments into something special,” said Laura Bergan, Barry Callebaut’s director of marketing, BC Brand. “We’ve been intently focused on providing solutions and innovations, like the ruby chip to satisfy this evolving consumer attitude.”