The company's president and national sales manager chat with us about current gum trends, how COVID-19 affected the category, and more.


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Choward's knows a thing or two about gum and mints—the company was launched in 1934, and is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.

Charles Howard first invented the brand's violet mints in 1934, and produced them in a small loft in Manhattan. He sold them from a pushcart on the streets of NYC with his wife, and his inspiration for the mints came out of a desire to create a 'unique and different candy' during the Great Depression, according to Redstone Foods' feature on the company last month.

After experiencing success, Howard began to think of new candy he could create to serve as a complement to his violet-flavored mint candy; he introduced a purple-colored gum tablet, and named it Choward's Scented Gum. The product is currently made using the exact same recipe from that time period.

We spoke to Ian Kessler, national sales manager, Choward's, and Arthur Pratz, president, about current gum trends, how COVID affected the category, and more. Listen to the podcast above, or click here.

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