German chocolate specialist Ritter Sport has introduced a Travel Exclusive Germany Edition Tower, available now only in travel retail locations across the central European country.

Its launch is timed to coincide with the UEFA European Football Championship, which is hosted by Germany, with the final in Berlin on Sunday, July 14.

The special Germany Edition Tower is a celebration of both the Ritter Sport brand’s heritage and the spirit of international football, boasting a vibrant design mirroring the German national flag with its distinct black, red, and gold stripes. Inside, the tower contains 9 x 100g bars of a selection of Ritter Sport’s popular chocolate varieties: Fine Extra Dark Chocolate, Marzipan, and Cornflakes. 

As a special addition to Ritter Sport’s popular travel retail-exclusive Tower range, the Germany Edition Tower targets both self-treating and gifting.

Ritter Sport International Key Account Manager Travel Retail Jan Bessel says: “This Germany Edition Tower offers us the perfect opportunity to share our expertise in making chocolates with travelling consumers who are after that special treat: a gift or a souvenir which not only tastes great but also targets Sense of Place, during Euro 2024 and beyond. It is bold and eye-catching, perfect for consumers who are increasingly searching for unique high quality products. The Germany Edition Tower is designed to appeal to anyone looking to bring a piece of Germany with them; whether for friends, family, or personal enjoyment.”

The Germany Edition Tower also underlines Ritter Sport’s commitment to sustainability and environmental impact. The chocolate is made from 100% certified sustainable cocoa with Ritter Sport following climate-neutral production processes since 2019.

In keeping with the brand’s dedication to purity, the Germany Tower chocolates contain no added flavorings, ensuring a natural and rich flavor profile, per the brand.

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG (Ritter Sport) is on the current Candy Industry “Global Top 100 Candy Companies” list. Click here to view the current “Global Top 100” rankings.