Waukegan, Ill.-based Nielsen-Massey Vanillas has rolled out a new line of organic extracts and two no-sugar-added vanillas.
The organic flavor extracts are available in Almond, Lemon, Peppermint and Orange varieties. Meanwhile, the No Sugar Added Pure Vanilla Extract features a proprietary blend of premium beans from select regions and uses cold extraction to draw out more than 300 flavor components found within each bean. The No Sugar Added Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract has the same rich flavor as Nielsen-Massey’s Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract, without the addition of sugar. 
“This year we are pleased to offer a strong supply of vanilla and flavor products to our customers,” said Kirk Trofholz, Nielsen-Massey ceo. “As one of the industry’s most innovative thought leaders, we are well-attuned to the growing demand for no sugar added and organic food products. In response, we are introducing several new products to answer customers’ call and give them more choices.”
The organic flavor extracts are available in 2-, 4- and 18-oz. bottles as well as in gallon containers. The no-sugar-added vanillas are available in 2-, 4- and 32-oz. bottles and in gallon containers.