Goodnow Farms Special Reserve chocolate bars
Goodnow Farms Chocolate, Sudbury, Mass.
(978) 579-4939

Description: Craft chocolate maker Goodnow Farms has launched two new Special Reserve products. These limited-edition chocolate bars are made in collaboration with acclaimed Boston-based brands, George Howell and Boston Harbor Distillery.
For the ​Las Palomas Coffee ​bar, Goodnow Farms Chocolate partnered with small-batch coffee producer ​George Howell​. Starting with single-origin Asochivite beans from the small village of San Juan Chivite, Guatemala, the nibs are steeped in George’s Howell’s Las Palomas coffee, which also is grown and harvested in Guatemala.  

The green banana and mango flavors in the cacao mingle with the cherry and nectarine of the coffee to create true Guatemalan flavor. These flavors are enhanced by the addition of Goodnow Farm’s single-origin cocoa butter, freshly pressed from the same Asochivite beans used to make the bar. 

Goodnow Farms partnered with ​Boston Harbor Distillery​ to develop their second collaboration bar together — the​ Lawley’s Dark Rum​ bar. Starting with single-origin Esmeraldas beans from Ecuador, the nibs are steeped in over 50 bottles of Lawley’s Rum. The deep, rich berry-jam flavors of the Esmeraldas beans perfectly complement the distinctive caramel and molasses flavors in the rum, making for a perfect summer bar.

Ingredients (Lawley’s Dark Rum): Cacao beans, organic sugar, single origin cocoa butter (Esmeraldas), dark rum. May contain trace amounts of peanuts and tree nuts.

S.R.P.: 55-gram Lawleys Dark Rum bar, $16; 55-gram Las Palomas Coffee bar, $12