Plenty of new items coming out for the Christmas and Easter seasons from R.M. Palmer.The company's new Santa Pop 'N" Card feature a chocolatey Santa on a stick within a holiday card. Those preferring just the treat can always opt for the new Santa Pop.

Another new novelty item for the Christmas season: A chocolatey Makeup Kit for the young ladies as well as a redesigned chocolatey Took Kit for the young men.

A particularly interesting holiday treat for both young and old from R.M. Palmer are the company's new Candy Cane Cups, chocolaty cups with a white mint cream center.

One of the new items being debuted for Valentine's Day is the line of decorated bars featuring a double-crisp filing and a too-cute-to-consume puppy decoration as well as the word Love.

And, those looking for Easter treats won't be disappointed as Schoolhouse Bunny and Grand Slam Bunny join their counterparts in providing fun and flavor to baskets everywhere.