Alpha Baking Co.’s goal has been to stay at least one step ahead of the coronavirus crisis developments.

During the pandemic, leaders of the Chicago-based company made countless real-time logistics decisions to ensure employee safety and ongoing operations. Now that the nation is beginning to reopen, Alpha Baking is pivoting to prepare for a range of potential new scenarios. The company is focusing on how to best ramp up operations, from manufacturing to transportation, to be ready as the country gradually re-emerges.

“Our challenge is going to be about putting it all back together,” said Robert McGuire, vice president, director of logistics, Alpha Baking. “We’re trying to prepare for different levels of recovery because no one really knows exactly where we’re going to land.”

McGuire described these efforts on American Bakers Association’s podcast, Bake to the Future. He was interviewed by Katie Juhl, ABA’s Director of Communications and Marketing, and Hailey Blumenreich, marketing and communications coordinator.

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