Award-winning pastry chef Claude Escamilla will introduce his reimagined pastry shop, SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla, at The LINQ Promenade next month. 

Featuring an enormous chocolate fountain as its centerpiece, the location represents the first European-style pastry shop for Escamilla, who previously served as executive pastry chef on the Las Vegas Strip for 17 years. 

SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla is located between the entrance to The LINQ Hotel + Experience and Chayo Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar on Promenade.

SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla features new décor, including a sleek pastry display case handcrafted in Italy and a towering chocolate fountain custom-made by artisans in France. The chocolate fountain is composed of three, 7-inch-diameter, curvilinear pipes which cross the ceiling, ending in three taps behind the pastry case. Each tap will dispense a different variety of chocolate — dark, white or caramel — which will be poured onto menu items such as crepes, chocolate-dipped strawberries and hot chocolate.

More than 50 whisk-shaped pendant lights will hang from the ceiling. Adorning the walls are polka dots in hues of raspberry, tangerine, lemon, lime, turquoise and plum, as well as playful phrases spelled out in neon script. Meanwhile, a rotating case will display an assortment of 400 handmade macarons in every color, as well as souvenirs and other SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla merchandise. 

In addition to macarons and crepes, the shop will offer 13 flavors of gelato, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, sweet and savory pastries, an array of homemade European desserts and traditional coffee beverages, as well as cold brew coffee on draft. 

“SWEET SIN by Claude Escamilla elevates the typical pastry shop concept to a new level with the addition of the crowd-pleasing chocolate fountain,” says Tonia Chafetz, general manager, The LINQ Promenade. “We look forward to our visitors discovering it.” 

“This pastry shop represents my dream come true,” Escamilla adds. “It incorporates years of imagination and planning, and I look forward to sharing my vision with everyone who visits The LINQ Promenade.”

Escamilla grew up in the south of France, where he began his pastry arts career while studying at La Chambre des Metiers in Perpignan. He graduated with a professional aptitude certificate in 1995 and a master’s degree in pastry in 1998.

Escamilla interned with renowned French chefs and spent weekends creating pastries in his father’s bakery. While still in France, he gained further experience developing pastries and menus for a large-scale catering company and decorating for a pastry shop helmed by one of France’s most celebrated pastry chefs. 

In 1999, Escamilla arrived in Las Vegas, where he worked as assistant pastry chef at Bellagio before being promoted to assistant executive pastry chef for the resort and overseeing all pastry shop production and 65 employees. In 2009, he became executive pastry chef for Bellagio Patisserie and Aria Patisserie, where he managed 115 employees spanning the kitchen and front-of-house locations.

In addition to holding executive roles at top-tier patisseries, Escamilla’s career includes several national and international championship titles. He is a two-time World Pastry Champion and two-time U.S. Pastry Champion, and he was named one of the Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America by Pastry Arts Design magazine and Pastry Chef of the Year by the Nevada Restaurant Association.