Company: Bindi


Introduced: June 2022

Distribution: National

Product Snapshot: Bindi North America will present at the upcoming Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City (June 12–14), its new Pastry Chef Collection and a variety of specialty bread, making Bindi the ultimate point of reference in the food service industry for excellence in frozen bakery, patisserie, and desserts.

For the first time at the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, the company will have expositions from both its brands Bindi and Forno d’Asolo, showcasing to all attendees the vast expansion of its recent sweet and savory lines thanks to Bindi’s acquisition by the FdA Group in 2020.

The FdA Group, an Italian conglomerate in the production and distribution of top-of-the-line bakery products and frozen pastry, is now one of the key players in the world of food service with its product line and company expansion: from desserts and a variety of ready to bake thaw and serve breakfast items to plant-based alternatives, Bindi N.A. can readily undertake any demands.

Bindi’s first new line presented at the Fancy Food is the Pastry Chef Collection, consisting of six uniquely styled desserts packed with unforgettable flavors and complex textures that aims at impressing anyone that receives them. Made with the finest raw, single origin ingredients from Italy and crafted with the highest production standard, the exceptional quality of these thaw and serve treats showcase this industry-leader’s intent to rise above with its innovations. 

This capsule collection of modern styled desserts simplifies the restaurateurs’ service by standing out all on their own. It’s a reinterpretation of classic desserts typically found from the Italian Pasticceria that were famous for their simple yet flavorful desserts. The Pastry Chef Collection recalls these iconic flavors in a modern way and offers a truly sensory experience: the desserts carry an elegance in its form with an exceptional high-quality taste to match.

Forno d’Asolo’s new line of specialty bread is something the food industry can look forward to: an ample selection of bread made with mother yeast, among them classic Italian favorites such as focaccia and ciabatta, as well as baguettes of different shapes and sizes.

Bindi will additionally be showcasing new gluten-free, plant-based alternatives: just in time for the holidays, Bindi will be releasing a 600g gluten-free panettone that still adheres to the authentic, traditional recipe that Italians hold close. This holiday season masterpiece can be shared with people of different palates, including those with a sensitivity to gluten.