SnackMagic has launched Snack Drop, a new product discovery opportunity for consumers and brands. 

People can sign up to become SnackMagic tastemakers, getting to sample a variety of snacks, drinks and other treats in exchange for honest feedback on flavor, packaging and more. Snack Drop insights directly influence which products are included on the rotating SnackMagic menu, making it both an exploratory experience for individuals and the most efficient focus group for brands. 

SnackMagic serves a variety of use cases, from large corporate gifting and hybrid events, to direct-to-consumer orders for individuals or families. Customers can build their own box of treats from a variety of options or send a gift — all that's needed is the amount to give and the recipient's email address. 

"People are drawn to SnackMagic because they get the power to choose — product discovery and customization are inherently built into the experience," said Shaunak Amin, founder and CEO of SnackMagic. "Snack Drop gives people a fun, risk-free way to try new products and help shape the selection we offer in the future."

With Snack Drop, consumers are rewarded for their input, in exchange for their opinions and reviews. Those who sign up can build a $60 box of goods for only $15. SnackMagic's personalized experience is used by everyone from consumers to companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, MIT, Harvard, and Spotify. 

For established brands or budding food and beverage entrepreneurs, SnackMagic is the ultimate platform for data, discovery and distribution. Brands can see what's selling, product percentile performance, and other geographic data, unlocking significantly richer insights traditionally opaque for CPGs. The opt-in sampling available in Snack Drop also offers brands another key signal — whether consumers are attracted to products and packaging before they even taste it.   

"Discovery and distribution are some of the most challenging aspects of building any business, and especially for food and beverage brands," Amin said. "SnackMagic opens up new marketing and sales channels and arms brands with the data and analytics they need to grow their businesses. Now with Snack Drop, we're effectively creating the most efficient brand-side focus group ever."

SnackMagic was born out of a pandemic pivot in March 2020, when Amin leveraged the backend systems of his previous venture, STADIUM, a New York City-based lunch delivery service catering to corporate clients. The concept saw immediate success and took SnackMagic from $0 in revenue to a $20 million revenue run rate in just eight months, becoming profitable in December 2020.