HI-CHEW has introduced Plus Fruit in two new fruity flavors: Orange & Tangerine and Red Apple & Strawberry. 

Plus Fruit is a fruity, chewy candy mix featuring the addition of real fruit pieces. HI-CHEW enthusiasts and consumers alike loved the addition of real fruit pieces incorporated into the classic chewy candy when Plus Fruit first came to market in 2017. Each chew contains two unique flavors combined into one taste explosion that lasts through the final bite.

Orange & Tangerine brings out a burst of tang and sweetness, just like the citrus fruits. The chewlet mimics the fresh flavor and bold orange color.

Red Apple & Strawberry incorporates the fruity, sweet, and juicy flavor that both red apple and strawberry are known for. These seasonal fruits come together and deliver a refreshing depth of flavor in each bite.

“Plus Fruit is such an exciting product offering for HI-CHEW, and we are thrilled to bring it back to the market in a new and unique way for our brand fans,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, chief marketing officer of Morinaga America, Inc.”Tapping into consumers' continued interest for two fruit flavors in one, Plus Fruit seamlessly blends two delicious flavor offerings with the added fun of real fruit pieces, making the HI-CHEW experience even more fulfilling.”

Since the parent company of Morinaga America, Inc., Morinaga & Co., first launched HI-CHEW in 1975, the candy has been created in over 200 flavors. Driven by flavor innovation and experimentation, the research and development team continues to bring fruit flavors to life through each chew. As the American palate expands and global cuisine becomes more widely appreciated, there's opportunity to introduce even more distinct flavors to the U.S. market.

HI-CHEW Plus Fruit is offered in a 3-oz. peg bag for a suggested retail price of $2.59 (varies per market). HI-CHEW Plus Fruit is available for purchase at various retailers nationwide and online at HI-CHEW.com.