And this year’s top PMCA presenter at the organization’s production conference? Well, it’s Jeffrey Bogusz, senior director – food engineering and innovation, at Ferrara Candy Co. He was recognized for his presentation on panning equipment.

The PMCA’s Production Conference Program Committee named Bogusz as the 21st recipient of the Marie Kelso Memorial Award based on his a paper titled Panning Equipment – Classic, Belt, Automated and Future State of the Art. His presentation was part of the Basics and Beyond Seminar that took place on Monday April 3, 2017, during the 71st Annual Production Conference.

PMCA’s Marie Kelso Award Chair Steve Genzoli, Ghirardelli Chocolate Co., will present the award at the Tuesday evening banquet during the 72nd Annual Production Conference, April 17, 2018, at the Marriott Lancaster at Penn Square. Bogusz joins the ranks of the 20 previous award winners, which are: Edward S. Seguine, Mars Snackfood; Susan L. Hefle, Ph.D., University of Nebraska; Marlene B. Stauffer, Blommer Chocolate Co.; Harold H. Schmitz, Ph.D, Mars Snackfood; Nicole Staniec, Firmenich; Bill Dyer, Blommer Chocolate Co.; Greg Ziegler, Pennsylvania State University; Jeffrey Fine, AAK USA; Joe Smillie, Quality Assurance International, (QAI); Cindy Cosmos, Bell Flavors & Fragrances; Richard Hartel, University of Wisconsin – Madison (awarded twice); Tracey Duffey, World Cocoa Foundation; Kurt Muentener, Keymount GmbH; Abdoulaye Traore, Mars Chocolate; Jordana Swank, The Hershey Co.; Joseph Bell, Joseph Bell Consulting; Kerry Kaylegian, Pennsylvania State University; Mark Kline, The Hershey Co.; and John Ashby, California Natural Products.

PMCA’s Board of Directors established the award in 1997. It is given each year to the author of the paper presented at the previous year’s annual production conference that most significantly contributes to industry knowledge, thus honoring the memory of Marie Kelso and her faithful dedication and unwavering belief in the value of the production conference for the industry.

Kelso served as secretary to the Production Conference Committee for 38 years, and her name became synonymous with the event itself. In her youth, she was secretary to Hans Dresel, a salesman for Felton Chemical Co. in Philadelphia, PA. As her boss worked tirelessly to organize and promote PMCA’s Annual Production Conference, as well as AACT events, she organized and managed tirelessly as well.

After Kelso left her job at Felton Chemical, the production conference became her life’s work. She was also active for many years in the Philadelphia Section of AACT. Kelso passed away in September 1995.