Kit Kat has introduced an enchanted trick-or-treat bowl that never empties.

Trick-or-treaters can grab a handful of Kit Kats and watch as more appear right before their eyes. The bowl has a red light that will flash when it refills for the next group of trick-or-treaters.

"We prefer more treats than tricks here on the Kit Kat team, so we decided it's time this Halloween season to show what's up our sleeve," said Alex Herzog, associate brand manager of Kit Kat. "No one wants to see that disappointed face at the trick-or-treat bowl, so Kit Kat conjured up a special bowl to have never-ending Kit Kat bars."

The never-ending Kit Kat Trick-or-Treat bowl first debuted in one of the most famous and popular Halloween towns in America: Salem, Massachusetts. Now, Hershey wants to know where it should pop up next. Consumers can tell Kit Kat via its Instagram page (@KITKAT_US) using #KitKatBowl and the mystic bowl may appear there soon.