Retail Confectioners International (RCI) recently opened registration for Caramels, Toffees, & Brittles to be held February 21–23, 2023 at Las Olas Confections & Snacks in Orlando, Florida. The course returns with much anticipation from candy makers and is expected to sell out quickly.

This three-day intensive course is designed for professional candy makers, chocolatiers, and suppliers of all skill levels to learn the science behind formulations and troubleshooting techniques for caramels, toffees, and brittles. In addition to classroom-style learning, participants will gain hands-on experience in the kitchen making variations of confections for use in different applications.

RCI will host the course at Las Olas Confections & Snacks in Orlando, Florida. As the largest specialty chocolate and confections manufacturer in the Southeastern United States, the SQF Level 2 facility will provide all the needed equipment and space to create many hands-on opportunities for students. 

Executive Director Angie Burlison, is excited about the return of this popular educational course. "RCI has established a long history as a valuable resource for small business owners, both established and new to the industry,” says Burlison. “Consumers love caramels, toffees and brittles. By understanding the basic formulations of these confections and how to make corrections when issues arise, candy makers can create their own variations of these cherished treats that will keep their customers coming back for more.” 

Led by confectionery and chocolate experts, Caramels, Toffees, & Brittles offers students optimal hands-on learning experience while benefiting from the knowledge and skills presented by the following instructors: 

  • Randy Hofberger (lead instructor), R&D Candy Consultants
  • Joe Sofia, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate
Caramels, Toffees, & Brittles is open to both RCI members and non-members. Event organizers encourage those interested to register now, as the course is limited to the first 24 registrants. For detailed course information, visit