The Department of Food Science at University of Wisconsin-Madison will host outreach courses on gummy and jellies and nutrition and snack bars this year.

Set for March 16-19, Nutrition and Snack Bar Technology will offer an overview of bar ingredients and the processes by which they’re made. The course also focuses on functional additions to bars. Other topics include shelf life and formulation troubleshooting. Learning from industry experts, participants will gain hands-on laboratory experience with the variety of bar types and compositions.

Slated for Oct. 14-16, Advanced Gummies & Jellies will provide an overview of gummy and jelly ingredients and processes and then cover advanced concepts and principles, including manufacture of various enhanced or fortified products.

Lectures and experimental pilot plant exercises are presented and supervised by technical experts and the UW Food Science Department. Classes and laboratory exercises will be held in Babcock Hall on the UW-Madison campus.

Enrollment fees cover tuition, laboratory materials and reference workbooks. Fees for Nutrition and Snack Bar Technology are $1,995 for students from companies belonging to the National Confectioners Association, the Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association, Retail Confectioners International and the American Association for Candy Technologists. Fees are $2,295 for students from non-member companies.

Fees for Advanced Gummies & Jellies are $1,495 for students from companies belonging to the same professional organizations and $1,695 for non-member companies.

UW’s Food Science Department is known for its summer Residence Course in Confectionery Technology — also known as “Candy School” — but that program was filled before registration opened to the public.

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