For 60 years, Peeps have been an iconic Easter confection, showing up in the baskets and plastic eggs of children everywhere. However, Just Born, the brand’s owner, wants to remind consumers that Peeps can be eaten and used all year long.

In its first television campaign in more than 10 years, the company fills consumers’ minds with various uses for its iconic candy while tugging at heartstrings using a sweet, nostalgic plotline

The “Brothers” commerical opens with two brothers discovering Peeps in their Easter baskets. During the course of the holiday, the older brother explains all the different things one can do with Peeps to his younger brother. The process is a day-long affair that continues long after the boys are supposed to be asleep.

“The ‘Brothers’ commercial was inspired by the endless ways in which fans interact with Peeps and brings many of the possibilities to center stage,” says Terri Meyer, co-founder of The Terri & Sandy Solution, creators of the commercial. “This commercial reminds us why this quirky marshmallow treat is among the most beloved Easter candy.”

Mark Hoffman, senior brand manager for Peeps, also believes the commercial shows the right image of what Peeps are and have the potential to become.

“This commercial captures the warmth and tradition of Peeps while encouraging consumers to, ‘Express their Peepsonality’,” he says.

In addition to being shown on TV in 15-, 30- and 60-second spots, the commercial can be viewed on the Peeps Facebook page or on its newly redesigned website