Gibble’s Foods announced that 2019 will represent 60 years of Gibble’s branded products still being produced and sold to millions of consumers.

Gibble’s has been producing quality snack products since 1959 when the Gibble’s family had a stand in a local farmer’s market selling various goods and wares.  One thing that they wanted to sell to complement their goods was a great tasting potato chip. Unfortunately for them, none could be found that they felt was up to their standards of quality and taste. Fortunately, they decided to make their own!

The business has continued to operate through several owners; the Hartman Snack Group Inc. proudly carries on the recognizable taste and quality of the Gibble’s brand today.  The success of Gibble’s Snacks comes from a deep respect for tradition and the excellence of its ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Amy Hartman, the vice president of sales for Gibble’s remarked: “We have achieved this through the hard work and dedication of our employees and our commitment to producing top quality products with top quality ingredients. We have dedicated ourselves to 60 years of product innovation and manufacturing efficiencies to provide our customers with the highest quality snacks we can produce.”

In addition, president Rob Hartman said: “We could not have achieved this significant milestone without the support of our dedicated customers, vendors, and each one of the team members here at Gibble’s. Our sincere thanks to all who have granted us the privilege of serving them for the last 60 years. We look forward to continuing this legacy for many years to come.”

Gibble’s plans several new products, including a new look to the brand packaging, new website, and marketing and social media campaigns as a part of the 60th Anniversary celebration. Updates to these activities will be posted to the website as well as social media.