Kettle Brand Uprooted Vegetable Chips
Kettle Brand, Salem, Ore.,

Kettle Brand, beloved for its extra crunchy and boldly flavored kettle-cooked potato chips, is expanding its expertise to a new crop of root vegetables — sweet potatoes, beets and parsnips. The new line — Kettle Brand Uprooted — features real sliced vegetables, lightly seasoned with oil and sea salt.

Kettle Brand Uprooted will be available in two varieties:

  • Sweet Potatoes, Beets and Parsnips: This from-the-earth sweet potato, beet and parsnip medley is sliced thick and lightly sprinkled with sea salt, bringing out the sweetness of root vegetables that will leave you digging for more.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Thick-sliced, sweet potatoes are perfectly cooked and seasoned with sea salt. The richness and authentic sweet potato flavor offers a comforting taste of fall year-round.

“After 30 years of perfecting our chip-making skills with potatoes, we were ready to try our hand at a new crop and create a vegetable chip that offered the unparalleled flavor we’re known for,” says Marc McCullagh, senior brand manager for Kettle Brand. “We think we’ve done just that with our Uprooted line, which offers the great taste of root vegetables, seasoned with sea salt to bring out their natural flavors.”

Like all Kettle Brand snacks, the new line of Uprooted vegetable chips reflects the brand’s Natural Promise, to make every product with clean, non-GMO ingredients, without trans fats, or preservatives.

Ingredients: N/A

S.R.P.: (6-oz. bag) $3.69