Company: Forager Project

Introduced: October 2017

Distribution: National

Suggested Retail Price: $3.99

Product Snapshot: Forager Project has announced three new flavors of their popular organic Pressed Vegetable Chips: Chipotle BBQ Greens, Cheezy Greens, and Wasabi Greens. Similar in texture to a traditional tortilla chip but gluten-free and corn-free, Forager’s Organic Vegetable Chips combine fresh-pressed vegetable fiber from their cold-pressed juices with ancient grains, seeds, organic seasoning, and a touch of sea salt for a distinct flavor and satisfying crunch. Committed to creating products that are better for people and the planet, Forager reduces food waste by upcycling otherwise composted vegetable fiber sourced from pressing their own vegetable juice. The new flavors of Pressed Vegetable Chips join Forager’s growing line of organic, plant-based, delicious products.

Today producing dairy-free cashew milk, yogurt, kefir, shakes, probiotic smoothies, and pressed vegetable chips, Forager Project began in 2013 with a focus on high-quality, cold-pressed vegetable juices that were high in nutrients and low in sugar. After tasting the organic vegetable fiber left in the press, Founder and CEO Stephen Williamson believed the beautiful vegetable pulp would not only make a great base for a chip but would also leverage Forager’s raw ingredients, helping to reduce food waste and create a more sustainable proposition for the company and its consumers.

“Waste is a matter of perspective,” said Williamson. “We had all of this lovely, organic vegetable pulp that we were composting, and thought, there has got to be a better way. We're as interested in creating healthy, plant-based foods as we are in mitigating our impact on the planet.”

Forager’s organic Pressed Vegetable Chips now also include:

  • Chipotle BBQ: With subtle smoky heat, this is an elevated BBQ chip with a kick
  • Cheezy Greens: Seasoned with nutritional yeast for a cheesy but dairy-free experience
  • Wasabi Greens: Great for those seeking a bold, balanced punch of flavor       

Ready to eat and share, each 5oz bag of Forager’s organic Pressed Vegetable Chips retails for $3.99 and can be purchased in stores nationwide. Chipotle BBQ is available in a 1.5oz bag for $1.99 at select retailers. More information, including a list of ingredients, can be found on Forager Project’s website.