Mexico-based Virc LLC is breaking ground on a new gummy plant in Selma, Texas.

Virc LLC's new 25,000 sq.-ft. plant is expected to be completed in March of 2016 and will accommodate 15 employees using specialized equipment.

The company, which produces traditional gummies along with low-sugar, sour and chili varieties, established its first office in San Antonio last year with Mexican investment. The office was made possible through collaboration with the International Business Development Center program of Free Trade Alliance San Antonio.

"The Alliance connected us with the right City organizations so that we were able to find the ideal location for our manufacturing plant. We have even been given help to identify prospective skilled employees to work in the plant," says Roberto Arreguin, co-owner of Virc LLC. "We are looking forward to working here for many, many years and using this as our launching pad for expansion across the U.S."

Arreguin joined the Free Trade Alliance San Antonio and representatives of Selma to break ground for construction on the new facility.

"We are pleased that Virc found a location and suitable workforce to support their business plans. In 2015 the Alliance planned to ramp up its efforts to attract foreign investors from new markets into our community," says Jose E. Martinez, president and ceo of Free Trade Alliance San Antonio.