Paulaur Corporation in Cranbury, N.J. recently hosted confectionery industry professionals for a PMCA Panned Confections Course. 

Thirty students representing a variety of companies participated in the course, held Oct. 25-28.

Five instructors provided a mix of classroom and practical training related to panning basics, chocolate, hard and soft panning, as well as polishing and finishing. Each student received a course book and electronic copies of presentations, and took home sample product they made with fellow attendees.

Attendees earning a certificate of completion included:

  • Jake Andrews, Signature Brands
  • Danielle Belon, Hormel Foods
  • Alexandria Bromley, Colorcon
  • Kim Bumgarner, Hormel Foods
  • Tony DePrado, Parker Ingredients
  • Michael Fattah, Truffly Made
  • Anna Francis, Mane
  • Mike Gilbert, Colorcon
  • Carrie Goodspeed, Signature Brands
  • Michael Grise, Ghost Kitchen Concepts LLC
  • Lala Grise, Ghost Kitchen Concepts LLC
  • Taylor Kotecki, Sconza Candy Company
  • Leslie Mora, Paulaur Corporation
  • Daisy Vinanzaca, ofi
  • Natalie Myers, Colorcon
  • Tracy Pace, Signature Brands
  • Eric Pehr, Blommer Chocolate Company
  • Percy Pingpoh, Paulaur Corporation
  • Amanda Rusch, Paulaur Corporation
  • John Ruzsilla, IFC Solutions
  • Nicole Sanchez, The Hershey Company
  • Roy Stephens, Sconza Candy Company
  • Tim Straub, Creo Chocolate
  • Brianna Thomas, Signature Brands
  • Riley Trethewey, Signature Brands
  • Kristin Troester, Puratos
  • David Walker, Signature Brands
  • Cara Watkins, Blommer Chocolate Company
  • Amanda Zadroga-Cantada, ADM

PMCA said it is grateful to the individuals and companies that donated instructors, ingredients, products or other items to course.


  • Michelle Frame, Victus Ars – Course lead
  • Elizabeth Hagerman, The Hershey Company
  • AJ Khoury, Capol
  • Eric Schmoyer, Barry Callebaut
  • Michelle Schwenk, Bellis Food Solutions
  • Bridgette Love-Shaw, Victus Ars – Course assistant
  • Judy Wang, The Hershey Company – Course assistant

Donations of ingredients, equipment, samples and supplies:

  • Barry Callebaut
  • Bellis Food Solutions
  • Blommer Chocolate Company
  • Capol
  • Centerchem
  • The Hershey Company
  • IFC Solutions
  • Just Born
  • Sun-Maid
  • Sunsweet
  • Victus Ars
  • Weaver Nut Company