HI-CHEW has teamed up with Zola Bakes to create a one-of-a-kind cookie in time for Halloween. 

To celebrate the candy-centric holiday, HI-CHEW and Zola Bakes curated a custom box inspired by one of the latest flavor offerings, HI-CHEW Raspberry. Throughout the month of October, the HI-CHEW x Zola Bakes Halloween box will be available for purchase for $56 at zolabakes.goldbelly.com.

The limited-edition HI-CHEW x Zola Bakes Halloween box includes a selection of red and orange ombrè cookies, layered with raspberry jam and topped with a chocolate drip and Halloween decorations. 

HI-CHEW, like a rainbow cookie, incorporates a layering technique to deliver true-to-life flavor and color combination within each chewlet. The raspberry jam found within each layer is a nod to the new HI-CHEW Raspberry, which debuted within the Berry Mix earlier this year. The colors selected for the ombrè cookie pay homage to the Halloween season.

"We are always looking for ways to bring our flavors and unique candy attributes to life in a fun and engaging way," said Tatsuya Takamiya, chief marketing officer of Morinaga America, Inc. "This custom cookie creation with Zola Bakes is a delicious representation of a fan-favorite HI-CHEW flavor merging with a new approach to layered enjoyment. We're thrilled to have this cookie available for candy fanatics and cookie aficionados this Halloween season."

HI-CHEW continues to follow evolving trends and taste preferences and is dedicated to the development of true-to-flavor offerings. Similarly, Zola Bakes set out to take a conventional, classic rainbow cookie and give it a fresh new look with better flavor. Zola Bakes offers customizable colors and various filling options to appeal to a wider, cookie-obsessed consumer base.

"I am a huge fan of HI-CHEW and was thrilled by the opportunity to design a custom Halloween box with their new Raspberry flavor," said Samantha Zola, founder of Zola Bakes. "When I started Zola Bakes, I was on a mission to give the rainbow cookie a millennial make-over. A collaboration with HI-CHEW for the most candy-obsessed holiday is the perfect way to accomplish just that."