Fancy Food Show

Hand-Pulled Candy Canes
Elegant Gourmet
(425) 814-2500
Woodinville, Wash.-based Elegant Gourmet offers an extensive collection of candy cane items. The company’s new hand-pulled candy cane trees expand Elegant Gourmet’s already-extensive collection of candy canes, which includes traditional canes, Lolli Whirls and other items. The candy cane trees are available in 4-inch, 7-inch and 13-inch sizes in cherry and peppermint flavors.
Chocolate JAZZ
Hunt Country Foods
(540) 364-2622
The 2-ounce Chocolate JAZZ bar is a milk chocolate bar “jazzed” up with the crunch of toasted cashews and the chewy combination of dried peaches, nectarines, apricots and golden raisins together with the natural sweetness of wildflower honey. The product is packed 15 bars to a display box and the suggested retail price range is from $2 to $2.50.
Signature Chocolate Collection
Knipschildt Chocolatier
(203) 849-3141
Freshness is at the core of the Knipschildt philosophy, and the Signature Chocolate Collection is made with fresh cream, butter, fruit, nuts, herbs and seasonings—together with high quality chocolate. The handmade paper box opens to reveal chocolates of varied sizes, shapes and textures. The collection’s shelf life is three months.  
Smoked Salt Caramels
Fran’s Chocolates Ltd.
(206) 322-0233
These traditional soft butter caramels are hand-dipped in pure, 42 percent milk chocolate and sprinkled with smoked sea salt harvested off the coast of Wales. The way in which the complex flavor of the sea salt complements the subtle tones of deep milk chocolate and soft butter caramel helped earn the caramels the 2005 NASFT Outstanding Confection Award. A 6.75-ounce package contains 16 pieces.
Hawaiian Host Chocolates
(310) 532-0543
Hawaiian Host Harmoni joins Hawaiian Host’s line of premium chocolates. Eighteen pieces of chocolate are packaged in a 7.05-ounce premium gift box. The company also featured its line of sugar-free versions of its most popular items. Milk Chocolate Macadamia Clusters, MacNut Crunch and Dark Chocolate Macadamia Clusters are individually wrapped and packed in a stand-up bag.
Organic Chocolate Bars
Charlemagne Chocolates -
Belgium’s Best Chocolates
(877) 463-8543
Founded by Belgian artist Denise Courant Bellefroid, Charlemagne Chocolates established its chocolate factory in the renovated farmhouse where, in 750AD, the Emperor Charlemagne was born. The product name and location of the factory are definitely historic, but the all-natural, organic chocolate bars offered by the company are designed for today’s market!
Available in Dark Cinnamon, Dark Coffee, Natural Belize, Dark Orange and Dark Green Tea, the line is available in a mixed display of 15 pieces or in a single flavor in a 15-piece display. The suggested retail price for the 1.75-ounce item is in the range of $5.
Sunny Seed Drops
Sunflower Food & Spice Company
(800) 377-4693
Sunny Seed Drops are just one of the many sunflower-focused items offered by Sunflower Food & Spice Company. Sunny Seed drops are chocolate-covered sunflower nuts with colorful candy coatings. Available in case packs of 48 units — 3 ounces each — with a free display tray. Suggested retail price is $2.90 and $3.30 for the All Natural version.
You can also ‘Mix and Match’ by buying the product bulk and mixing your own color combinations.
51st Summer Fancy Food Show Fast Facts
• 2,150 exhibiting companies
• 304,150 sq. ft. of exhibit space
• 45 countries represented
• 23,140 buyers
• Buyers from more than 65 countries