These Products for Valentine’s day and Easter 2008 Will be Among the Many new Offerings Presented at the Nca/ecrm Seasonal Marketplace Held may 20-23 in Jacksonville, Fla.
Fleurish Collection Delivers Style, Romance
The name for this stylish new line of truffle products derives from the word fleur — French for flower. A 6-oz. Hat Box is packed with mint, espresso and raspberry crème truffles; suggested retail price is $9.99. The 5-oz. Fleurish Heart has a SRP of $8.79 and features dark chocolate, espresso, peanut butter and strawberry crème truffles. A 4-oz. Fleurish Purse with a SRP of $5.98 features mint, espresso and raspberry crème truffles and boasts rich foiling and a hand-tied pink ribbon. The line also includes a Truffle Bar Gift Set that pairs an Extreme Chocolate and an Espresso bar in a package with a heart cut-out window; SRP is $5.65.
Contact: Seattle Chocolates, 800.334.3600,
Lindt Crystal Clear on Valentine’s Appeal
The Lindt Crystal Heart Tin adorned with eight Swarovski Crystals and featuring Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles is sure to add sparkle to any retail environment. The suggested retail price is $9.99; the tin is packed seven per case. Also for the sweetest season, the 36-count Lindor Valentine’s Day bag display features Lindt’s limited edition Milk Chocolate Truffles with smooth white chocolate filling in an 8.5-oz. bag and a suggested retail price of $5.99. Also, a 24-count floor display features 12 Amour Gift Hearts (containing heart-shaped, milk chocolate truffles) and 12 Passion Gift Hearts (containing an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate truffles). Each has a suggested retail price of $7.99.
Contact: Lindt & Sprungli USA, 603.778.8100,
Brach’s Gummi Bears Have Heart
Brach’s Bear Your Heart Valentine Gummi Bears are red and white gummi bears; the bears are molded with each one holding a heart. A family-size, 20-oz. bag featuring grape and cherry flavors comes packed 12 per case. The gummies may be enjoyed straight from the bag, re-packaged for lunch box treats or used to top a festive Valentine’s season dessert.
Contact: Brach’s Confections, 423.510.7212,
Light Up Valentine’s Day
Finger Lites heart-shaped candy rings and necklaces are bursting with flavor and light up from the inside with every lick. Made using cutting-edge, patent-pending technology, Finger Lites offer bursts of magical light and interactive fun for candy lovers ages four and above. They are currently in national distribution. The suggested retail price is 99 cents. Malibu Toys also is presenting its Valentine Light-Up Heart Gift Box Assortment that contains candy hearts in a light-up heart box.
Contact: Malibu Toys, 818.772.7888,
Some Sweet Talk from Au’Some
Not only is the Betty Boop Sweet Talker candy-filled, but she also talks and her lips light up. Each item comes with a cherry-flavored lollipop and is packed with Betty Boop three-dimensional gummies. Each Betty Boop Sweet Talker has a suggested retail price of $1.99; they are packed 12/12-count displays per case.
Contact: Au’Some Candies, 732.951.8818,
Valentine Items From Farley's and Sathers
Rain-Blo Jum-Blo Valentine is a 3.6-oz. tube that contains 10 giant gumballs. Colors and flavors include: red/cherry, white/tutti-fruitti and pink/strawberry. Trolli Gummi Bears and Hearts features cherry-flavored bear- and heart-shaped gummies. It is available in two laydown sizes:  8.25-oz./15 snack pouches and 13.75- oz. /25 snack pouches, both packed 24 per case. As an added touch, the Valentine items have a “to” and “from” area on the packages.
Contact: Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, 800.533.0330,
Farley's and Sathers Set for Easter
Rain-Blo Jum-Blo Easter is a 3.6-oz. tube containing 10 giant gumballs in pink/strawberry, white/tutti-fruitti and yellow/apple colors and flavors. It is packed 18 per tray, six trays per case.  Trolli Gummi Bunnies are bunny-shaped gummies in a variety of colors and flavors. Available in two laydown sizes: 8.25-oz./15 snack pouches and 13.75-oz./25 snack pouches, they are packed 24 per case.
Contact: Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company, 800.533.0330,
A Valentine’s Combo That Really Pops
Pop Rocks Valentine Candy & Card Combo Collection features an assortment of 24 fun-size packs of scrumptious strawberry and watermelon Pop Rocks and 24 Valentine Cards — die cut with slots to insert the candy pouches. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Pop Rocks also presents its new Double Heart Tin, which contains fun-size pouches of watermelon and strawberry Pop Rocks. These tiny hard candies pop and fizz for an amusing and sweet experience. The tin may also be used as a cool bank for loose change. Check out the Pop Rocks current consumer promotion on the Web at
Contact: Pop Rocks, 770.399.1776,
Before and After Candy Has New Tins
Before and After celebrates the arrival of its Easter and Valentine breath mint limited edition tins and new flavor combo — peppermint and chocolate mints. They are available in a variety of displays including nine- or 12-unit POP boxes, a counter display, and “holiday themed” sidekick units that hold 120 tins. Before and After Candy was voted a New Trendsetter Product of 2006 by Teen People magazine.
Contact: Before and After Candy, 805.278.8100,
Brach’s Goes Hawaiian with Jelly Beans
Brach’s Confections is partnering with leading juice drink brand Hawaiian Punch to bring a brand new confection to consumers — Brach’s Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans. Made with real fruit juice and fruit pectin and fortified with 100 percent of the daily value of Vitamin C, these vivid, neon speckled jelly beans come in a 14-ounce bag packed 24 per case. Jelly bean flavors include Fruit Juicy Red, Green Berry Rush, Orange Ocean, Berry Blue Typhoon, Lemon Berry Squeeze and Mango Passionfruit Squeeze. Available for Easter 2008, a national free-standing insert drop will support the rollout of Brach’s Hawaiian Punch Jelly Beans.
Contact: Brach’s Confections, 423.510.7212,
Sweetness and Light from Malibu for Easter
For Easter, Malibu is introducing two new novelty candy eggs — Flying Bunny Egg (inside the egg is a bunny that really flies) and Decoder Egg (crack the secret code to unlock the egg and discover a candy surprise inside). Also available from Malibu for Easter are Finger Lites Candy Rings and Light-Up Candy Necklaces that light up with every lick thanks to the cutting-edge, patent-pending technology used to produce them. These tasty treats come in springtime Easter shapes including decorated eggs, bunnies and chicks.
Contact: Malibu Toys, 818.772.7888,
Pops Provide Sweet Indulgence
These milk chocolate pink and red roses from Splendid Chocolates are the perfect gift choice for those who love both flowers and chocolate. Each carefully detailed 1.8-oz. pop is hand-colored using real milk chocolate. The rose pops feature cello wrapping and are trimmed with elegant ribbons to enhance their gift appeal. They are available in a 12-pack counter display that holds six of each of the two color varieties. A master case includes two 12-pack displays.
Contact: Splendid Chocolates, 514.737.1105,
Au’Some Fun for Easter
Au’ Some’s Easter Klik dispensers feature a bunny, a chick or an egg; all are made with moveable arms. Each dispenser is packed with one roll of Smarties candies and one roll of Smarties bubble gum. The suggested retail price is 99 cents; Kliks come packed 16/12-count displays per case. Candy Puzzlers are fruit-flavored candies that connect to create an Easter bunny or a chick. Each Puzzler has a suggested retail price of 99 cents; they are packed eight 12-count displays per case.
Contact: Au’Some Candies, 732.951.8818,
Gimbal's Shows off Easter Display Case
The Gimbal’s 41-Flavor Gourmet Jelly Bean Display Case produced excellent sell-through results during the 2006 and 2007 Easter seasons with major retailers, so the company is bringing it back for 2008. This 24-count case is ready to display with a perforated knock-out front panel. The Gimbal’s 20-oz. bag is an excellent value in true gourmet jelly beans, and Gimbal’s drives consumer value and category growth with significant retail savings. All Gimbal’s products are peanut-free, gluten-free, trans-fat free, dairy-free, egg free, gelatin-free and Kosher OU Pareve certified. Gimbal’s also offers a premium/gourmet line of peg bags and theater boxes for all classes of trade.
Contact: Gimbal’s Fine Candies, 800.344.6225,
Rockin’ Easter Basket Fun
Pop Rocks Easter Eggs were designed to deliver a unique Easter Basket experience. Pop Rocks Easter Eggs contain three Cotton Candy Explosion Pop Rocks fun-size packages and three ultra-cool stickers. Featuring eye-catching pastel packaging, Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion offers the yummy taste and sweet scent of the fluffy and delicious treat that has been popular with children and adults alike for generations. Check out the current Pop Rocks consumer promotion on the Web at:
Contact: Pop Rocks, 770.399.1776,
Pops Are Splendid for Spring
Made with milk chocolate and created using detailed sculptured molds, the pops are ideal for self-consumption or giving as a gift. Each 1.8-oz. pop is available with cello wrapping and trimmed with elegant ribbons. The pops are available in a 12-pack counter display that features two different varieties. A master case includes two 12-pack displays. For the younger set, Big Ear and Egg milk chocolate pops are hand-decorated, cello-wrapped and trimmed with colorful, attractive ribbons. These 1.4-oz. pops are available in a 12-pack counter display that holds six of each pop. A master case includes two 12-pack displays.
Contact: Splendid Chocolates, 514.737.1105,