Top 100 Power Brands Spotlighted in This Issue...

Lisbeth Echeandia
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The Power Brand Report is a very different way to look at the power of brands within the confectionery industry. We’re proud to debut this list calculated for Confectioner by respected brand valuation firm, Intangible Business, which has offices in London and Milwaukee. A panel of industry experts (whom we have opted to keep anonymous) evaluated hundreds of candy and gum brands for the project.
This kind of original research project is bound to be a conversation-starter, and there will be debate and discussion regarding how we have presented certain brands. And yes, indeed, the Power Brand list is subjective — and thus certainly debate-worthy. It must be noted in the same breath, however, that the methodology used in ranking the brands was established by experts who do this for a living for major clients. We look forward to getting feedback from you on this report.
From San Francisco to Cologne — A Sweet Trip
The Fancy Food Show in San Francisco was, as always, well-organized and very well-attended. You could feel the energy in the halls, and I’m here to tell you that creativity and entrepreneurship in the American food industry is alive and well! The pride these exhibitors and innovators have in their products and their presentations shows.
You know there has been a shift of upscale/gourmet products moving to the mass market — the ‘mainstream premium’ sector — evidenced by the number of mainstream retail buyers at the show in San Francisco. And yet there are many, many producers in the specialty sector who have no interest whatsoever in ‘going mainstream.’
If you really want to see how determined one manufacturer was not to be part of the mainstream market, go to and read about Will Chase’s battle with UK retailer Tesco.
Special congratulations to Aunt Sally’s of New Orleans — the first retail operation to open in the French Quarter after Hurricane Katrina (even before Café Du Monde) for making an opportunity out of devastation and now offering — in addition to their famous Creamy Pralines — an extensive line of specialty products that are certifiably New Orleans.
On to Germany …
…And another great ISM. With over 36,000 visitors from more than 150 countries, the show once again lived up to expectations. Wellness, natural and premium were all key words, and chocolate, chocolate everywhere …. with single-origin, sugar-free and dark chocolate making headlines. Natural flavors are becoming a ‘must’ in the category, and many non-chocolate producers were highlighting the switch to ‘natural’ on their packaging and in their press materials. Organic and ‘bio’ products with enhanced health benefits really had a strong showing this year. You’ll read more about both shows in the March issue of Confectioner.
Congratulations to the National Confectioners Association for once again organizing a successful USA Pavilion. Thank you to all those who attended the Reception — hosted by the USA Pavilion exhibitors, Confectioner and Candy Industry magazines — on Sunday, Jan. 28. It was a great event with an estimated 300 people from around the world in attendance.  Thank you also to Bell Flavors whose sponsorship of the party enabled us to take it up a notch!
P.S. In answer to the question: No, I never do get tired of eating candy and chocolate at trade shows — or in general — although I do admit I’m picky about what I choose to eat!