Licensed to Sell

To sell more licensed candy, retailers need to pay better attention to . . .
". . . coordinating with each department buyer. If there is a promotion going on in a specific department with a licensed product, they should get together with the other department buyers and do tie-ins. Or at least have cross merchandising with the different departments to maximize the sales potential."
–Rose Downey, marketing manager,
Au’some Candies Inc.
". . .the retail price. Although an impulse price point is important, there is a point at which the price can get too low in which the product creativity and novelty is sacrificed."
–Kelly Gilmore, vice president of toys and theme park licensing,
Warner Bros. Consumer Products
". . .cross-merchandising and added-value/higher ticket gift/candy items. Cross merchandising is the best way to develop higher average sales. A well done featured promotion using cross merchandising has the potential of not only increasing overall endcap sales volume, but it will add ‘new life’ to older favorites that may be experiencing sluggish sales in recent years. This primarily relates to seasonal displays."
–Debie Brandt, president,
Teddy’s Friends
". . . being targeted earlier by the licensing community. Although this responsibility falls mostly on the licensing community and the various studios, candy buyers need to have a voice. A lot of times our candy buyers aren’t exposed to licenses until we bring them into it. The licensing community needs to reach out more deeply into the retail channel for candy specifically, and retailers need to express that they want to be brought into it much earlier than they currently are."
–Deirdre Gonzalez, vice president of marketing,
Cap Candy