Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery’s editors encountered plenty of innovations while covering the all-important IBIE 2010 Expo.

The 2010 International Baking Industry Exposition, which took place Sept. 26-29 in Las Vegas, really lived up to its tagline, “The Place Where the Industry Unites.” The show was a bigger draw for attendees and exhibitors around the world this year than ever before.

Nearly 20,000 attendees gathered at IBIE, ready to take their baking businesses to the next level, after the prolonged recession that filled much of the gap in the show’s three-year rotation, reports IBIE marketing arm Marketing Design Group, San Diego.

With its strategic alliance with the Retail Bakers of America (RBA), IBIE has expanded its educational program to offer seminars that include exhibitions from retail bakers. In fact, the two organizations agreed to merge RBA’s American Retail Bakery Exposition into IBIE 2010 and 2013, the latter of which will take place from Oct. 13-16, 2013, in Las Vegas. IBIE will manage the RBA standalone shows in 2011 and 2012.

IBIE 2010 featured the latest equipment, ingredient and supply solutions, artisan bakers, tortilla manufacturers, retailers and specialty marketers, as well as competitions, including the Louis Lesaffre Cup, the World Chocolate Master Regional Qualifier and the RBA Pillsbury Baker’s Plus Grand Champion Creative Decorating Competition.

The Tortilla Industry Association (TIA) held its annual two-day technical conference in conjunction with the show, and almost doubled the number of participants.

In addition,Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, IBIE and The Long Co., honored 11 industry suppliers with its B.E.S.T. (Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together) in Baking award, recognized for their products or services that fostered energy conservation, a reduction in water usage, a decrease in landfill waste, healthy living and/or a reduction of the overall impact on the environment.

“IBIE has always been known for innovation, but these exhibitors took it to a whole new level,” says Mike Beaty, IBIE vice chairman and executive vice president of supply chain for Flowers Foods, Inc. “Clearly, we have raised the bar for the next generation of baking technology, and IBIE has solidified its positioning as the industry’s largest platform for new product launches.”

Here’s a look at just a sampling of what was uncovered at this year’s IBIE 2010.

Kwik Lok Corp. introduced the new 893 Ultra Automatic Bag Closing Machine, which is capable of closing bags with either the recyclable Kwik Lok closure or closure labels used for cross-advertising, recipes and coupon promotions. In addition, Kwik Lok exhibits various printing technologies. For example, the RMI fiber laser printer features 100,000 hours of 11-years operating life with no consumables. Likewise, the Squid Ink Jet printer and the Markem Smartdate 5 thermal printer offered additional printing options, along with Kwik Lok’s cold foil printers.
Kwik Lok Corp.
Yakima, Wash.

Hinds-Bock introduced its latest icer/glazer, designed for applying string and waterfall curtain icing onto panned and un-panned products. The icer uses a double-walled heated and agitated tank with high-quality, variable-frequency pump and filter assembly. The conveyor uses a two-part pass-through wire-mesh conveyor with catch pans and an optional removable center belt section for icing small un-panned products. The conveyor then hinges up for easy cleaning and loading of icing.
Hinds-Bock Corp.
Bothell, Wash.

Natural Products introduces BLUE200 gluten-free whole egg replacer. Manufactured entirely in gluten-free facilities, BLUE200 offers functionality similar to the original egg replacer (BLUE100), functioning as a partial or complete replacement for whole egg powder or liquid whole eggs in a variety of baked goods, all while significantly reducing costs. BLUE200 contains no eggs and is suitable for gluten-free, cholesterol-free, egg allergen-free or vegan bakery products.
Natural Products, Inc.
Grinnell, Iowa

Honey is the ideal liquid sweetener for the high-volume baking industry, giving bakers and snack food manufacturers the ability to use a natural sweetener without losing any functionality. There are more than 300 unique kinds of honey in the United States, originating from such diverse floral sources as Clover, Eucalyptus and Orange Blossom. This simple yet complex variety of flavors allows food manufacturers to launch complete product lines of honey-sweetened foods, all with different flavor profiles.
National Honey Board
Firestone, Colo.

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council displays the art of blueberry biscuitry thanks to blueberry biscuit sticks. The formula can serve as a starting point for incorporating blueberries into many formulations. Blueberries are the natural way to add nutrition and keep the product moist while boosting flavor and mouth-watering appeal. In addition, the wide variety of blueberry formats available year-round provide a range of choices to suit any product developer’s needs.
U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council
San Mateo, Calif.

Ashworth invented the spiral more than 40 years ago and is now the manufacturer of both metal and plastic spiral belts, offering customers the best belting solution for their specific requirements. Ashworth spiral belts include the super-strong Omni-Pro, the lightweight and rugged Omni-Pro FlexLite belt for conveying pans or trays and the USDA-accepted plastic Advantage belt, proven by ETL to allow the greatest airflow and deliver the shortest dwell times when compared to all other plastic spiral belts. In addition, Ashworth exhibited the tight-transfer Cleatrac Belt & Sprocket System and the industry standard CB5 Baking Band.
Ashworth Bros., Inc.
Winchester, Va.

Alit showcased a number of automatic proofers, ovens, coolers, freezers and complete automated bakery lines as well as its new Spinflex conveyors and spiral system. According to Alit’s tradition of innovation, it is an important changeover compared to the old technologies of product handling. Its engineering department has developed a unique concept taking in high consideration the maximum flexibility and the space optimization but not forgetting the cost saving.
alit USA
Luverne, Minn.

Arizona Instrument introduced Computrac MAX 4000XL moisture/solids analyzer for a baking lab or quality environment. Designed for durability and accuracy, this instrument uses a 4-place balance and a metal heating element. Plus, it is equivalent to AOAC standards and produces rapid loss-on-drying results in just a few minutes versus hours.
Arizona Instrument LLC
Chandler, Ariz.

Rehrig Pacific showcased its new plastic dolly, which is compatible with all industry standard bread trays. Molded with impact-resistant HDPE resin and designed with triple support beams on each long span, the HBB Dolly is built for the daily demands of a modern bakery operation. The color-fast plastic frame is equipment friendly and doesn’t rust or leave paint chips behind. And the rugged caster hardware is plated or stainless to last longer in damp environments.
Rehrig Pacific Co.
Los Angeles, Calif.

SK Food International introduces identity-preserved certified-organic and conventional non-GMO pre-cooked quinoa and amaranth flakes to its extensive line of premium quality ingredients. Custom milled from heirloom grains, the flakes are gluten-free and kosher-certified. Amaranth and quinoa are both commonly known as “supergrains,” each touting high levels of protein, in addition to many other health benefits. Product applications include tortillas, snack foods, flatbreads, baking mixes and energy bars, among others. The flakes come in 50-lb. bags and bulk totes.
SK Food International, Inc.
Fargo, N.D.

AUTO-BAKE unveiled a revolutionary serpentine system that allows a 100-foot production line to operate in a footprint just a fraction of that size. Baking all day, every day, the line also showcases automatic paper cup denesting, automatic cake batter depositing, multi-zone baking, ambient cooling and robotic depanning. This revolutionary serpentine system offers tighter efficiencies, quality control and flexibility.
Hornsby, NSW, Australia
+62.2.9476 1144

CMC America Corp. delivers on innovation with its new horizontal mixer. This U.S.-patented mixer offers innovative energy savings, sanitation improvements, aeration character, cooling technologies and labor savings.
CMC America Corp.
Joliet, Ill.

WP Bakery Group’s Matador deck oven and automated loaders pair industry leading technology with consistent and even baking results. With more than 60,000 units in use around the world, the Matador is the standard for high-quality bread production. The patented cyclothermic baking system heats front to back with consistent baking results. Meanwhile, the WP Combitherm offers two different baking temperatures for flexible production of products such as pastries and breads. They come in oil or gas options and its strong robust heating system delivers quick recovery for 24/7 operation.
WP Bakery Group USA (dba: Kemper Bakery Systems)
Shelton, Conn.

ADM Milling debuted its lineup of sorghum flour, ADM flours and milled products, cocoa and chocolate ingredients and VegeFull cooked bean ingredients. For instance, ADM featured its new white sorghum flour and VegeFull navy bean powder in place of wheat flour, as well as ADM’s Ambrosia chocolate chips for an indulgent gluten-free treat. In addition, Steve Freed, investor services vice president of commodity market research, reviewed the factors that have driven recent volatility in commodity prices.
ADM Milling Co.
Overland Park, Kan.

Gold Coast Ingredients offers a complete range of sweet and savory flavors, including flavor enhancers. New to the lineup is a cocoa flavor that reduces overall raw material costs while maintaining the sweet, earthy flavor and aroma of cocoa powder. From apple to zabaglione, Gold Coast delivers the extracts, emulsions and flavors necessary to enhance the subtle notes and intensify key components of the formulations. In addition, Gold Coast can formulate a liquid or dry flavor to add at the bowl or for a topical application. And its technical staff will work to find an integrated solution.
Gold Coast Ingredients
Commerce, Calif.

Rademaker featured its Crusto Sheeted Breadline for production of a wide range of products ranging from tin bread to high-water absorption Artisan breads. With this bread line, customers are able to produce different types of bread products on the same line -- molded breads such as baguettes and cut breads such as ciabatta. The line’s unique design guarantees flexibility and fast product changeovers and is built to the same high standard in maintenance, hygiene and efficiency. Additional makeup units can be added later to adapt to changing product demands in the future.
Rademaker USA
Hudson, Ohio

Dunbar Systems, the North American distributor of Auto-Bake systems, demonstrated a live production line with automatic denesting, automatic cake batter depositing, multi-zone baking, ambient cooling and robotic depanning. The Dunbar and Auto-Bake solution delivers labor saves of 35-40%, a small footprint and energy consumption savings up to 40%.
Dunbar Systems
Lemont, Ill.

Wire Belt’s newest conveyor belt,CompactGrid, is hygienically designed to protect products from deadly pathogens and allergens. The USDA-acceptedCompactGridis made of stainless steel with 70% open area, and is specifically designed to replace hard-to-clean plastic modular belts. In addition, Wire Belt’s entire line of Flat-Flex belting products andCompactGridare accepted by the USDA NSF/ANSI/3-A hygiene standards.
Wire Belt Co. of America
Londonderry, N.H.

SensoryEffects showcased several bakery products made with its line of specialty inclusions, such as pineapple upside-down cookies, earthquake brownies (caramel and marshmallow), cinnamon raisin swirl bread and pomegranate chocolate chip cookies. Its inclusions are specially formulated delivery systems that are easy to incorporate into various baked goods and only release flavor upon baking. Available in a wide range of flavors, colors and shapes, these inclusions make creating new high-quality flavors easy.
Bridgeton, Mo.

Reiser featured 12 different configurations of its Vemag bakery equipment, including the Vemag eight-lane dough divider with an inline rounder that ran real dough. This high-speed divider showcased Reiser’s patented waterwheel flow divider that produces exact weight portions across multiple lanes. Meanwhile, pizza and bread dough producers checked out the Vemag single-outlet divider that was teamed with a Vemag ProcessCheck checkweigher. A Vemag break-and-bake multi-outlet cookie dough depositor received much interest, as did a Vemag pie dough press, brownie sheeter, enrobed products and smart conveying systems. A Repak form/fill/seal packaging machine demonstrated the latest pizza and tortilla packaging technology.
Canton, Mass.

From increasing moisture retention and improving cell structure to reducing boil out and adding viscosity, gums and hydrocolloids have countless functions in baked goods. Visitors to Gum Technology’s IBIE booth sampled a smooth pastry cream stabilized withCoyote STARch Pastry Cream Stabilizer, a highly synergistic blend of modified starch, tara gum and carrageenan. This new blend provides a smooth texture, while stabilizing proteins in pastry creams, puddings, custards, cheesecakes and other dairy-based applications. It is unique in that it is a complete gum- and starch-stabilizing system that improves product characteristics without adding cost.
Gum Technology
Tucson, Ariz.

Douglas Machines’ Cyclone Belt Washer washes belts, removes allergens and saves water and labor. Designed for a wide variety of open-mesh spiral conveyors, freezer tunnels and oven belts, the portable and patented Cyclone spray head features high-pressure rotating nozzles to cut and remove stubborn soils from both the top and the bottom in one pass. Plus, a portable cart allows operators to move from one belt to another for quick cleanup.
Douglas Machines Corp.
Clearwater, Fla.

21st Century Grain Processing introduced a lineup of solutions ideal for nearly any snack and bakery application. When used in burritos, for instance, its Panhandle Milling enriched-wheat flour offers a good source of iron, 31 g. of protein and 3 g. of dietary fiber. For brownies, on the other hand, 21st Century’s whole grain fruity granola clusters and custom-coated whole grains deliver 21 g. of whole grains per serving, 2 g. of proteins and are a good source of antioxidants. For those in search of a healthy indulgence, the Kitchen Clusters brand of whole grain oat clusters provide a combination of ingredient function, formulation management and a burst of flavor. Made from all-natural ingredients, the clusters possess zero cholesterol and trans-fat and very little sodium, contain 9 g. of whole grains per serving, up to 2 g. of dietary fiber, nearly 3 g. of protein and are a good source of antioxidants. They come in Chocolate and Honey options.
21st Century Grain Processing 
Kansas City, Mo.

Spraying Systems features new spray technology for coatings. For example, itsAccuCoatheated spray systems use closed-loop temperature controls to ensure accurate application of viscous coatings. TheAutoJet anti-mold spray systems apply anti-mold agents on bread products without clogging. The sanitary, heated spray headers ensure uniform coating with even the most difficult-to-apply solutions such as marshmallow cream, egg wash, cheese and more. Meanwhile, the automated coating systems ensure accurate spray placement and maintain proper flow-and-drop size to eliminate waste and uneven coating.
Spraying Systems Co.
Wheaton, Ill.

*Photo courtesy of Kwik Lok Corp.