Check out this team of gluten-free mixes, inclusions, conditioners, organic herbs, bread improvers and flax-based ingredients that make the grade for any snack and baked good.

Watson debuts gluten-free mixes created to shorten time-to-market, reduce R&D efforts and material testing costs and eliminate the need to audit multiple vendors. Developed specifically for bread and muffins, these gluten-free mixes meet the standards of the Celiac Sprue Association.
Watson Inc.
West Haven, Conn.

SensoryEffects Flavor Systems introducesChoco-Flakes, a line of compound coating inclusions designed to have a melting point of around 80°F, making them suitable for use in frozen dessert systems. They are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, and can be made into other customized chocolate-based flavors such as chocolate cherry or raspberry white chocolate. Choco-Flakes is said to provide a superior mouthfeel, flavor delivery and improved tolerance in application.
SensoryEffects Flavor Systems
Bridgeton, Mo.

Caravan Ingredients develops Tortilla Suave, a conditioner that combines the latest in extended-shelf-life and anti-stick technology to improve softness and rollability and allows for the removal of hydrogenated fats and trans fat from labels. Tortilla Suave is made to be easily applied to existing formulations without a disruption to current formulas or processes.
Caravan Ingredients
Lenexa, Kan.

Van Drunen Farms introduces individually quick frozen (IQF) organic herbs for an added-value spice in frozen pizza, salsas, frozen entrees and more. The lineup of herbs includes basil, cilantro, parsley, green onion, chives, collards, dill, kale, lemongrass, oregano, sage and thyme. IQF organic herbs are domestically grown and produced by spreading freshly harvested herbs in a single layer on a slow-moving conveyer through sub-zero air, resulting in a free-flowing IQF product that can easily be handled. This process creates a convenient, micro-ready ingredient that comes in multiple forms or sizes.  
Van Drunen Farms
Momence, Ill.

Puratos launches its new and improved S500 bread improver range. Based on patent-pending enzyme technology and freshness enzymes, the new S500 delivers superior dough tolerance, outstanding volume and improves the fresh characteristics of the final bread. The new S500 can be used in a wider range of bread applications such as crusty bread, rolls, loaf breads, whole meal, soft breads and sweet goods and in more processes, such as retarded fermentation and short freezing. The range includes S500 Red, which gives volume and extreme tolerance in any baking condition; S500 Ultra, a high-quality multipurpose improver; S500 Blue, which is designed especially for automated lines; and S500 Green, the clean label variety.
Puratos Corp.
Cherry Hill, N.J.

Glanbia Nutritionals launchesOptiSol 5000, a natural, flax-based ingredient designed to improve the texture of pizza doughs by enhancing extensibility and workability.OptiSol 5000 functions as a moisture management tool. It develops dough texture through enhanced moisture retention, creating a softer and less chewy texture. This is especially evident in whole wheat crusts where the result can be tough and unpleasant for more health-conscious consumers. Moisture retention also maintains product quality over a longer shelf-life, increases surface area by up to 5% and cuts costs for manufacturers.OptiSol5000 also is high in fiber and rich in ALA Omega-3.
Glanbia Nutritionals
Fitchburg, Wis.

*Photo courtesy of Watson Inc.