Tortilla maker Gruma Corp. (dba Mission Foods), Irving Tex., deploys a labor-management system across its dozens of U.S. manufacturing sites through a multi-million-dollar contract with TZA, a supply chain consulting/labor-management software firm.

Producing nearly one-quarter of the tortillas sold globally, Gruma Corp. (dba Mission Foods) and supply chain consulting and labor management software firm, TZA, Long Grove, Ill., have entered into a multi-year, multi-million-dollar contract to implement TZA’s labor-management and performance improvement program across Mission Foods’ network of U.S. distribution centers.

TZA helps companies in 25 different industries by applying technology, engineered labor standards and engineering services by teaming with clients to implement methods to improve distribution center productivity, thus saving millions through lower supply chain costs.

At the Mission Foods facilities, TZA will implement its full labor-management program, standard operating procedures and engineered standards, its ProTrackwarehouse management system, training and a change management plan along with performance support. The program will center on managers and employees at 18 Mission Foods locations. TZA also will deploy the warehouse software at more than 30 Mission Foods sites overall.

“By utilizing TZA’s three-tiered approach of engineered labor standards, technology, personnel training and certification, Mission Foods will be better equipped to improve warehouse productivity and reduce supply chain costs,” says Robert Grant, vice president of supply chain for Mission Foods.

Founded in 1983 as Tom Zosel Associates, TZA delivers management consulting, engineering, technology and human capital solutions to assist companies in achieving world-class customer service and a least-cost operating position with their supply chain.