Business Briefs

The European Union (EU) has granted Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) a Novel Foods authorization to use its plant-derived sterols and sterol esters in specified food products. The authorization is helpful to ADM’s customers who incorporate the healthier ingredients into a wide range of food products. As part of the authorization, the EU has approved a cholesterol reduction statement that can appear on food labels. “This product is intended exclusively for people who want to lower their blood cholesterol level.” The statement in combination with the Novel Foods authorization should help to spur the development of more health-enhancing products.
Meanwhile, for the third straight year, the ADM Food Oils Group has received the prestigious Frito-Lay North America Supplier of the Year award. "It’s an honor to be recognized by a customer in this manner," said ADM President Paul B. Mulhollem. "This is evidence of our commitment to helping customers meet consumer demand for healthy, great-tasting products." The Food Oils Group produces a wide variety of oils including: soy, NuSun mid-oleic sunflower oil, cotton, corn, canola, palm, and coconut oils as well as the new NovaLipid line of zero/low trans fat oils. ADM’s vast oil portfolio, technical support, and application expertise has made the company the premier supplier of food oils.
The National Food Processors Association’s supplier audits for excellence program — known as NFPA-SAFE — recently conducted its 1,000 audit. Suppliers participate in the intensive program because they respect its comprehensiveness, thoroughness and detail, contending that it represents a fair and impartial assessment of a company’s systems as measured against food industry standards.
The Food Processing Machinery Association (FPMA) has developed an updatable member directory. FPMA’s new system can now be downloaded to the user’s computer and updated by periodic uplinks to the Internet. "This truly is revolutionary," notes George Melnykovich, president of FPMA. "Before we were concerned with how current the information was, but now users only need to link to the Internet to update our members’ listings." FPMA will be distributing the new program initially in Stagnito Communications’ Pre-Show Planner in August, which provides advance information on the Food Processing Machinery EXPO and PACK EXPO. Users will be able to install the program and begin searching for suppliers that relate to their business. For more information on the new directory, please contact John Lyons, director of marketing – FPMA at 1-(703) 684-1080. This year’s Food Processing Machinery EXPO will be held Nov.7-11 in Chicago.
MGP Ingredients, Inc. is to market a new potato-based resistant starch for increasing fiber and reducing carbohydrate levels in food products. Penford Corp. will produce the ingredient using patented processes exclusively licensed to MGPI. The new starch, MGPI FiberStar 80 ST, is now available. MGP Ingredients has agreed to contract for a minimum of $6.2 million of the potato-based resistant starch during the first year of the agreement. MGPI FiberStar 80 ST delivers a minimum 80% of total dietary fiber. Like FiberStar 70, its water-holding capacity is significantly lower than fiber sources like wheat bran.
Celebrating its 10th year in the U.S. ingredient and flavor business, WILD Flavors, Inc. has established itself as an innovative pioneer in the food and beverage business, with an emphasis on providing all-natural ingredients. Throughout its operation, WILD Flavors has remained committed to the philosophy of its founder, Rudolf Wild, who in the 1930s began producing non-alcoholic beverages made from all natural ingredients.
Mastertaste Inc, a Kerry Group company, announced the acquisition of four flavor companies: New Jersey-based J. Manheimer Inc; Flavurence, with headquarters in Los Angeles; Laboratorios Krauss based in Mexico; and the Italian flavor house, Fructamine. The acquisition of J. Manheimer moves Mastertaste into a top tier position within the U.S. flavor and fragrance industry and provides a presence in the Northeastern sector of the nation. The business will continue to operate as a separate division and will retain its brand identity. Flavurence is a West Coast manufacturer serving the food industry. Krauss, with its primary flavor manufacturing capabilities and a presence in the bakery sector, will play a major role in Mastertaste's expansion efforts in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. Fructamine manufactures flavors for the European savory, bakery and soft drink markets, with resources based in France Benelux, Germany, Spain and the U.K.